Vibroplate - is it worth buying

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win Posts: 183
Hi, I'm thinking of buying a vibroplate & looking for views of people who have them are they worth it. I don't want another piece of equipment taking up space & not getting used. There are no gym's/places where I can do courses near by. Thanks.
tiffanybride Posts: 81
Hi! I bought one a couple of years ago. I used it quite a bit at the beginning and thought it made a difference ( arms slightly more toned but no weight loss) but like most gadgets I got fed up with it. I suppose it wasn't that good to make me want to keep doing it. I gave it away a few months ago. I bought it from, they do rentals too, it might be no harm to rent one for 6 weeks and see what you think before committing to purchasing one.
BertRaccoon Posts: 321
I've heard that the vibroplate is lethal for your joints so that might just be something to be wary of if you're thinking of buying one. Might not be a good idea for long term use.
Chili Posts: 2
You can rent them for 1-3 months. I rented one before and used it for a week or maybe two and then got fed up, when the guy came to collect it it was hidden under a pile of clothes, morto!! For that reason I was glad I didn't buy one. My sister in law rented one before her wedding and she found it brilliant and used it easily every day while watching tv.
win Posts: 183
Hi, thanks for the replies. I think I will rent one for a month & see how I find it and then will consider purchasing one. Oh, its an ongoing battle to shed the pounds or ahem get fit!!
Olivok Posts: 192
That's gas I logged on this morn to post a topic about vp ! A friend of mine suggested renting it too from tone at home. I was wondering if anyone had any more feedback about how effective it is ? Like I'm going to the gym regularly but thought this might give an extra Toning boost the last while before my wedding ? So any more feedback or thoughts welcome !!
Lennyx Posts: 242
Just seen this post, if you're still looking I have a vibroplate that I'm looking to sell. paid €450 for it last year, willing to sell for €200. PM me if you want any further info :)
septgal Posts: 330
Deal on Living social today re renting one with Tone at home...would be tempted if thought worked, hard to know, all talk about them when they came out first but it has kinda died down now again :eek