Vibroplate - would you recommend

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summerbabs Posts: 120
Hi Ladies, In the process of losing weight, I'm half way there with another 21lbs to go. Was thinking of getting a vibroplate wondering if ye would recommend them. Do they help you to lose weight as well as tone up. Would love to hear from any of ye who have tried & tested them. Thanks in advance, Summerbabs
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
sorry i'm no help here but i have been looking into using a vibro plate too. there's one in my local salon and the girls there recommend it, but i'd like to hear from others that have used it too and what they thought
Kaniela Posts: 458
I have no first had experience of them myself but a friend of mine hired one out and she lost 1/2 a stone using it in the first 4 weeks,she was watching what she was eating at the same time, but said it helped tone her while she was losing the weight.. She used it 10/15 up to four times a day and that it fitted in with her day nicely.. HTH :wv
summerbabs Posts: 120
Thanks girls, I might rent one out for 4 weeks first just to make sure that I actually will use it & hopefully see some results in that time. I am also doing weight watchers as well so hopefully between the two I can shift the pounds and hopefully tone up.
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
i've been using my friends one for the last week and have already noticed a bit different in my dress so would definitely recommend it