Victoria Beckham

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Pink Shoe Posts: 2300
I think that she looks much better with her hair in the bob, she even looks younger. That long hair did noting for her, I think he looks stressed out god love him. The pressure on the two of them must be unreal. What do you think? Have a look at the pictures in
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
Defo - her hair is much nicer like that!
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
Now all she needs to do is start eating. :?
samhain Posts: 127
And would it kill her to not look soooo miserable all the time???? Does she ever smile anymore? If I was away in Venice I'd be very happy!!!!!
kellyc Posts: 1300
Her hair is fab, i love her outfit. I think she is gone too far with her weight that she will never put up weight at this stage. Wouldnt it be so nice to be told you have to put up weight i would be eating for days and loving it.
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Defo nicer, she looks fab there!
clucky Posts: 26471
she makes me sick i cant stand her the skinniness, the pouts, the staying together for the ''brand beckham'', having children to ''strenghten a relationship'', the airbrushed ass on their ads for their perfumes - she is one person guaranteed to get my blood boiling
Shin Posts: 8515
have to say, i actually like victoria beckhams style. i agree with everyone else in what they are saying re her weight, true, the woman needs a bigmac but to be fair i think her clothes are amazing, the only downfall of that is that she ALWAYS looks well if you get me, she never looks any different, in a way shes a bit of a clothes horse and looks the bizz in anything shes made wear or has to endorse. she not the prettiest looking girl in the face but she makes the best of herself and is well groomed. but i suppose we all have the potential to look like that. money can really make you any way you want to be. if i was rich of course i could afford a personal trainer, my own chef, the best make up, creme de la mer, hair extensions and what have you. i agree she never has a smile on her face but in fairness there could be reasons for that? she should be able to walk down the street with her children or with her husband without being hounded by photographers blinding her with flashes. i think after years being in the public eye id prob have a scowl on my face myself. who knows?
workingmom Posts: 3429
Heard on the radio this morning that she's preggers again, probably hoping for a miny spice.
pricilla Posts: 1564
[quote:jyxcd2x4][b:jyxcd2x4]Shin:[/b:jyxcd2x4] if i was rich of course i could afford a personal trainer, my own chef, the best make up, and what have you. [/quote:jyxcd2x4] No need Shin, you can save the money by getting a "Mummy Tuck" implants, and a bit of liposuction when you go in to have your babies. Then don't eat anything, ever, except frozen grapes. The woman totally mystifies me. How come she's not dead? Karen Carpenter wasn't even as thin as her, how is she staying alive and having babies like that. And years ago you were only allowed one or 2 Caesareans, how come it's suddenly ok to go in for one whenever you like? The last baby, she went in at 8 months to get the baby out before [u:jyxcd2x4]she[/u:jyxcd2x4] got too big, that's the worrying trend in the US at the moment. I really like her a lot, but I wouldn't trade places with her for a squillion quid.