Video & movement monitors: Angelcare vs Tommee Tippee

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Poppyseed Posts: 513
Hi ladies, We are hoping to buy our baby monitor soon. We've decided we want a video & movement monitor and from what I can see there are only two brands that do both, the Angelcare sound, movement and video and the Tommee Tippee closer to nature digital video with sensor mat. Has anybody experience of either of these two monitors? Any feedback greatly appreciated :thnk
CocoBeans Posts: 841
I have the angelcare monitor. I really like it. camera and sound are good. If I had one compliant, it really annoys me that it beeps when press the buttons. I often want to press them beside a sleeping baby. I also need a slighter longer range in my house but I don't know if the range is better on the tomee. Small issues though.
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
I have the angelcare, I find it brilliant. Would highly recommend it. Personally I don't think the video was necessary, as when she cries I don't tend to bother looking at the monitor, and just go straight to her to see what's up. But maybe as she gets older I might find it more useful.
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Thank you very much ladies!! Have ye had any problems with it interfering with your wifi? Thanks again :thnk
bippityboppityboo Posts: 84
I have the Angelcare one as well and we love it, never had any trouble with it, just recently discovered that you can turn off the video part at night and still have the sound on, its a great product.
CocoBeans Posts: 841
No interference with wifi for me
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Great, thanks so much girls x
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I have one of each but without the video, have to say the Angelcare is much easier to use, I don't like the design of the TT one at all, there is a little tiny button on the back of the nursery unit to turn on and off the sensor pad - handy if you want to pick up babs for a minute but the button is so tiny and fiddly! On the Angelcare its a big button on the side, also I find the on/off button on the TT one so flipping hard to work! You have to press it really hard for at least 10 secs before it comes on, even my DH finds it the same and finds he can't really press it properly as it's such a tiny slim button and he has big fingers :o0 Little things I know but definitely prefer the angelcare! Oh and I like with the angelcare you can set a min/max room temp so you are alerted if the temp drops or rises above what you have set it at, for instance you can set the min at 17degrees so if it drops to 16 it beeps, very handy.
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Thanks so much BusyDee!! I went ahead and ordered the Angelcare video & movement monitor. Hopefully it will be as good as the sound and movement model as everybody raves about it!! :thnk
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Hi Cocobeans, hope you're well, I have the Angel care montior too and you can turn off the noise the buttons make, you can also turn off the pendulum noise, you know where it shows that the baby is on the mat and breathing, my husband found all these little things could be changed Id be useless at it myself! Poppyseed we've discussed this by pm, but the montior is fantastic and I've not had any problems with wifi with it. Excellent peace of mind and a great buy.