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lsg Posts: 45
Our wedding is on the 8th June next year. We have spent the last 10-12 months looking at different suppliers and now know who we want and are going to book them. The guy we had in mind to do our video was last year charging 850euro for the package we want. On his website he is now charging 1000euro for the same package this year. I was hoping to get him down from 850 to 800. Do people think i should say to him last year you were 850, theres a recession on, moneys tight etc and c if I can get him to the 800 or would he just say thats the price you should have booked last year? Has anyone else noticed price increases like this when looking at suppliers? Thanks
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
definitely haggle them down! I havent noticed price increases but I have chanced my arm in haggling with all our suppliers and have mostly been successful (hotel and videographer being the exception)
lsg Posts: 45
on average how much of a percentage are you getting them down? Would be nice to get 10% but id think 5% is prob more realistic!!
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
I tend to start big and look for up to 20% off :o0 God loves a tryer!! I have been getting 5-10% on most things. Got no discount on videographer (in fairness though he is really competitivly priced anyway) and hotel would not give a discount but have agreed to throw in 2 free rooms for the parents.
mrs2013 Posts: 213
I would say it to them about the price last year and see will he give you last years price defo haggle the worst they can say is sorry no thats the price.