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SanFranBride Posts: 212
Looking for some recommendation for videographer and photographer in the Cork area. Thanks! Lee
donnam Posts: 31
the photographer that i am using is in Mallow. her name is fiona fuller and she came highly recommended from a few people down home. excellent at her job she makes you feel right at ease. the videographer we're using is from tralee and his name is dan devane. he's really lovely. anything else i can help with no problem. you didn't say what part of cork. it's a big county!
SanFranBride Posts: 212
Thanks for those names. I am from Cork City. Trying to do this from San Fran is hard TG for the Internet! L
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I researched these quite well. My top photgraphers would have been Victor Horgan Ballincollog Donagh Glavin Ovens [b:3phf4g9l]Philip Daly, Dalypix in city[/b:3phf4g9l] £1,100 Michael Hunt and videographers [b:3phf4g9l]John Berry[/b:3phf4g9l] in Rochestown £950 Moments Videos Ones in bold are the ones I went with. Was extremely impressed with their work. If you want telephone number just Pm me.
SanFranBride Posts: 212
THANKS Septemberprincess this is great! What dates is your wedding? Lee
julieoshea Posts: 2
We got a friend to do the photography, and got Moments Videos for the video. Was very impressed with the demo DVD they sent out.
Fernside Productions Posts: 4
Hi Julie, I know it must be very difficult for you to plan from San Fransisco. We at Fernside Productions like help out where we can. Our wedding packages are very competitive and our style of wedding video is fly on the wall - i.e. we are not noticed on the day and we are very discrete on the day which results is a very natural video dairy of your wedding day. You can view a sample on our website, which I am sure you will be very impressed with. While watching the demo you will notice the attention to detail in every aspect, i.e. colours, music - the words are matched up to the scene and the transition / flow is set to follow the tempo of the music. Also if you need help selecting any other aspect of your day, I have worked with many people in the industry and can recommend whatever you need. best regards, Kenneth Moore 086 3839440 / 021 4863075
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
HI Ya, I'm also organising my wedding for Cork and it's very difficult when you don't live there anymore so i can completely empathise... I also went with Philip Daly - apart from being very impressed with his work, he was just soo nice and patient with me and answered all my silly questions... I've just booked my videographer none of the local ones were available on my date so i've went with JMB videos they are besed in Offally. Their demo was superb and again very easy to talk to, very understanding of all my questions again and this was as important to me as the quality of their work. And they didn't request extra travelling or accommodation fees they gave me one quote for everything and i felt it was a very competitive price.. check out their webesite. Hope this helps Shrimp xoxox
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Sanfran bride I am the 2nd of September, when are you? If you want any other help/recomendations etc., just let me know. I can only imagine how hard it is to play from abroad
BMSept05 Posts: 13
I would highly recommend Heely Rimmington. The guy was called William. Very professional & he did some beautiful shots of mother & bride and the shoes (you wouldn't realise what a nice picture it was!) He also did some fabulous shots of random guests during the ceremony, which was funny considering I was convinced he hadn't taken any he was so discreet.