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igottafeeling Posts: 195
Hi Did a search and no topic about this hotel since 2009 so I just wanted an utd view.. Anyone book this hotel or got married there?? We had to put off our wedding and now thinking of booking this hotel? Would love to hear how you find them.
plainsconesonly Posts: 300
Hi My friend is getting married in Vienna Woods in May so cant tell you much yet! But she said the staff are fantastic so far and very helpful with everything. Another friend was at a wedding there recently and said it was outstanding from the food, decor and staff. Sorry Im not too much help! :wv
buddylove Posts: 3288
my parents were at a wedding there last summer and they said it was lovely!
JMBvideos Posts: 511
[quote="octbride11":1a5db8po]Another friend was at a wedding there recently and said it was outstanding from the food, decor and staff.[/quote:1a5db8po] I agree 100% with that. We work in Vienna Woods a fair bit and the staff, food & overall athmosphere is fantastic.
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
Never been there myself but heard great things about the food
honeymoon baby Posts: 270
We have our wedding booked for vienna woods later this year, havent had much dealings with the hotel yet but any time i had a question they were more than helpful. very quick to return phone calls. We have often ate in the hotel since booking and have often came away wondering did they know who we were we were treated so well.
baybride2012 Posts: 7
I was at a wedding in the Vienna woods last year, food was very good, staff friendly and good atmosphere. very enjoyable day.
lewize Posts: 192
Hey, I love Vienna Woods, its an amazing hotel. I have never been there for a wedding but i have stayed there loads of times for work. The food is amazing, the staff are very friendly and its a beautiful hotel. If i was from Cork id be getting married there.
the bees knees Posts: 755
Hi there... My sis had her wedding there 2 years ago and it was fantastic, food staff , venue and the manager John??? ( maybe im wrong on that ) Magner is a lovely guy... He actually married there himself..... Its a beautiful place lovely setting and fab food... Was at another wedding there at Christmas just gone and it was the same standard real lovely...... And they have done up the ball room its beautiful.... I would only have 2 little ( and i mean real minor cause the rest of hotel is gorg) 1. That some of the rooms in the old section of hotel are VERY small and have no view etc.. I would bargain a price for these rooms cause the new rooms are well worth the money.... And 2. The wedding at Christmas, they did not have the particular drink in ANY of the bars and freely admitted that the wedding the day before had cleared them out ... Its a fairly common spirit and alot of people were annoyed that it wasnt available... But as I said these things were only minor because anytime i have been there i have just loved it
Ashmore Video Productions Posts: 555
I've recorded a few weddings there last year .The food and service is excellent. Highly recommended !