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k2 Posts: 7
Hi there, Just wondering if anybody went to the wedding fair at village at lyons on Sunday and if so what kind of prices they were quoted? Thanks
Bedazzled Posts: 5
Hi K2, We were out at the fair on Sunday and were really keen to book the place for our wedding. We were quoted room hire of 1750 and 90 per head for the meal in December, then on the phone last week we were told no room hire and 60 per head but at the fair we were told there was a room hire charge of 1750 and they would see what they could do. We then saw (after we left) that they are advertising a free champagne reception if you book before end of April in their wedding pack - no mention of this! I was told they would email me today with definite prices and haven't got anything so we are getting a bit worried about the organisation of things. What were you quoted? If only we didn't love the place so much although the no accommodation thing is a big turn off!
k2 Posts: 7
Hi Bedazzled, Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I didn't know about the champagne reception until after when saw it by chance. Wasn't told anything about this either and it would make such a difference if they honour it. It is off putting when there doesn't seem to be a set price, but like you say the place is just so nice. I couldn't imagine booking anywhere else after seeing it. I saw in another forum that one girl had booked but cancelled because of different quotes. I think they don't really know what they're at because they've just started and are maybe just seeing what they can get away with.
k2 Posts: 7
Forgot to say was quoted same price as you.
Bedazzled Posts: 5
Were you quoted with the room hire charge? Definitely going to get on to them about the champagne reception. That will probably be the deciding factor for us, along with the room charge - on principal. Will let you know how I get on!
k2 Posts: 7
Hi, Was told there was no room hire, now have been told again that there is room hire >:o( I can see why that other girl pulled out. Have you had any luck Bedazzled? Has anybody else been quoted anything different?
eileenmai Posts: 2
Hi there, have been in negotiations with them all week about booking our wedding for this December, no mention whatsoever about free champagne, will be bringing that up tomorrow! Room hire was free for us, part of the package. But now I really want the free champagne....