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Mrs-C-to-be Posts: 71
Hi Just wondering if anyone got married at Village at Lyons and how it went? If not, any other recommendations for a Country House / exclusive venue, max 2 hours from Dublin, that holds up to 150 people? Thanks :)
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Was never at a we didn't here but I know the venue is split level so have your guests are on another floor looking over the rest of the room. Darver castle holds 280 but really better suited to max 200, it's a private small castle very intimate.
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Yeah the Village at Lyons is beautiful, but as above said your guests will be split over two levels, a friend was at a wedding at it recently and all their photos at dinner and speeches are at the tops of people's heads. The grounds are really stunning tho, its amazing for pictures, just depends what you want. You have loads of choice within 2 hours of Dublin, check out the "search venues" option from above its a great place to start! :)