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frillynickers Posts: 1765
[quote="Ficidy":27p9cq5o]Hey girls - this is the site I was thinking of earlier. You have to e-mail them for prices, but I did this a while ago and think they're more or less the same as the other one from what I can remember. If you click on the picture of the model it does a close-up on the comb: Edited to say that I just found some of the prices for the above from an old e-mail (think these prices are for the hairpins section though - not the combs): T468 - $175 T471 - $105 T483 - $165 T268 - $135 T321 - $125 T396 - $95[/quote:27p9cq5o] Thats a great website too ficidy!!
miamia Posts: 673
Hey guys Have a look at this site too thinking of getting mine from there.. [url:31bljyjf][/url:31bljyjf] :wv
shobie Posts: 1437
[img:3b4dmmvv][/img:3b4dmmvv] Im making something like this myself. What do ye think? Some fantastic stuff on those sites.
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Thanks, kitten_77 - trying to finalise hairdresser booking at the moment, so will ask her when I get sorted. Shobie - fair play to you if you can make it yourself! Where would you get the supplies?
shobie Posts: 1437
[img:1qryc46d][/img:1qryc46d] Dont know why the first pic didnt work but this is the type of thing I mean.Ive already bought the brooch, just need to attach it to some fabric. Easy Peasy!
blueswallow Posts: 1244
That's gorgeous, shobie! :lvs
shoegals Posts: 1640
I bought a piece of jewellery for my hair in De Staffords. It's hard to describe not a comb but you clip it in, anyhow it was only €65.00, great value.