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mrsbuster Posts: 36
Hi there, I am having a photobooth at my wedding in September. I am looking for vintage props - has anyone any to sell or pass on? ...or has anyone seen any on-line?
Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
Hi Mrs Buster! I would go to somewhere like B&M bargains or similar and pick up a vintage style photoframe - would look fab in the photos! You could even pick one up in a charity shop/car boot sale for next to nothing [img:15ncs87y][/img:15ncs87y] So would look similar to: [img:15ncs87y][/img:15ncs87y] How about some OTT Tiaras/crowns - [img:15ncs87y][/img:15ncs87y][img:15ncs87y][/img:15ncs87y] Can be picked up in Childrens departments in shops for dirt cheap and will be a laugh! Chalkboard: You can get a vintage frame and paint it with blackboard paint or even just a childs blackboard and its personal, people can write messages [img:15ncs87y][/img:15ncs87y] [img:15ncs87y][/img:15ncs87y] Vintage Mardi Gras mask: [img:15ncs87y][/img:15ncs87y]
thiruppathymalathy Posts: 1
Keep up the excellent work!
highbeam Posts: 2578
Search etsy for some photobooth props. Ive seen a lot of pretty cool ones on there.
flomeo Posts: 249
Hi Mrsbuster! We are having a photobooth too and i'm going to print these from brideandjoy. Love the idea and love the tokens as well- will remind people there is a photobooth there! Are you having any theme? We are having loose-ish horse racing theme so am picking up plastic jockey helmets on ebay and other little things i see and the photobooth people are providing loads of other props
allaboutweddings Posts: 813
Hi, This might be something that would suit - its called Strike a Pose and is on our website and it is a selection of 14 disguises and props with a card frame. Here is the link to it on the website: Michelle [attachment=0:1vjugo41]strike a pose.jpg[/attachment:1vjugo41]