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neecy25 Posts: 13
So I only got married myself there in December and I'm chiefie for my friend who is getting married in October 15, and I said Id see if I could help her out having done it all myself. She is trying to find a Virgos Lounge Mustard maxi dress, either Nini or Selene with embellished top for us bridesmaids. She can' t seem to find them anywhere, it is probably old stock but its THE perfect dress. She has tried a few boutiques locally that stock VL but to no avail as well as VL online obv. Do you guys know where we could try locate old stock dress? The colour is perfect and the style is fabulous and not typically bridesmaidy which is what she is looking for in particular. Thanks x
DollyDumDrops Posts: 67
Hi Neecy, great choice for bridesmaid dresses, I love them myself too. We went to Ollie & Mac in Navan to try them on there but we went with something different. I'm not sure if they would have old stock but you could ring them and ask, they are very helpful. Also, I've bought VL on ASOS before, might be worth a check if she doensn't mind buying online.
NiamhNiG Posts: 176
I found rougerouge boutique really easy to deal with. Ask them on facebook do they stock it. You'll usually get a quick reply.