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Dollydel Posts: 1726
Heading to Amsterdam on Thursday (Paddys Day) until Monday. Anyone got any recommendations for what to do and see. Want to fit in as much as possible. OH wants to rent bikes to get around but I heard they are lunatic cyclists over there and I wouldn't have the best balance or sense of direction when it comes to cycling. We would be looking for somewhere good to go watch the Ireland v England game on Saturday. How much spending money do you think we would need for four nights?
keepitsimple Posts: 966
i've been to amsterdam a good few times and my favourite thing to do is just wander around! You will see the most interesting shops/people etc. I reckon you'll decide if you'll cycle or not when you get there, i've never cycled as I prefered to walk or go on tram! You can go on a canal cruise, it's abit slow but you get to see amsterdam from a different angle and it can be nice and relaxing if you need a break from walking around the city! The van gogh museum and anne frank house are worth a visit if you are into that sort of thing but can be very crowded. Off-course the red light district is a must at night time just for a look! There are plenty of irish bars for you to watch the match in but for the life of me can I think of the names of them at the moment - you'll find them easy though! I'm soooo jealous - I love amsterdam, it's so beautiful! Oh and as for money - hard to say as you can go as expensive or cheap as you like but the cost of stuff is similar to here if I remember correctly
reggiefh Posts: 22
We were also in Amsterdam for Paddy's Day a few years ago and found an Irish pub in the Red Light District, but I can't remember the name of it. Sorry! Might be this one, the location sounds right: ... /Home.html It's a very walkable city and absolutely lovely to just wander around and look at the canals, plus with great bars everywhere, you'll never be stuck for a pitstop. The Anne Frank house is very sad, as you can imagine, but a real experience. Have loads of fun!
Sodapop Posts: 3220
I had a great time in Amsterdam! We stayed around the Dam Square - def go to Madame Tussuads right beside it (its a great one!), the shopping area is around there too. Leidseplein is where all the night life is. Of course Red Light District but DONT go on your own - make sure you're in a group or with your fella - they plague you otherwise!! Esp the later it gets... We did a boat trip on the canals - loved it! do the Heineken Factory tour! You'll enjoy it... As for expenses - anywhere around the tourist areas is more expensive but not ridiculous and then off the beaten track its much cheaper. And do watch out for Trams and bicycles - they seem to come from every direction!! Have fun!! (travel time from airport is like 40mins on the train and it brings you right into the city centre - i never needed to catch a taxi as I walked or caught trams everywhere).
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Hi dollydoo, I would probably advise giving teh cycling a skip....tried it the first time I was there and was nearly mowed down! Dumped the bikes shortly thereafter. The trams are brilliant and go all over the city. You can just buy a daily ticket and hop on / hop off wherever. My top sight seeing attraction would be [u:1vf43swj]The Heineken Experience[/u:1vf43swj] it's such a great and fun way to spend a few hours. The Museums are very good as well, especially the Van Gogh and Rijks. There will be long queues for Anne Franks House so if you're intending on doing this be sure to get there early. I was disappointed by the canal boat tours and the bus tour, part of which was to bring us to a diamond factory - I hate having to listen to sales pitches. The Red Light District is "interesting" for a wander around as the night sets in! As mentioned above The Leidesplein is the place to go to for pubs and nightlife. All the better if you're staying around this area. The Aran Pub is located here. It's not a typical Irish pub - more modern designed but it's one I liked. There are loads of others also.
Dollydel Posts: 1726
Thanks for the info girls. Think I will give the cycling a miss, knowing my luck I would end up in the canal or under a tram. Looking forward to walking around and people watching. Think we will do the Van Gogh museum and the Heineken Experience (OH will love that) I don't think I will be able to go into Anne Franks house. I am very claustrophobic and I heard that its very narrow and with the crowds I don't think I would be able for it. We are staying around Dam Square, which seems to be central to everything. I'm sure we will venture to the Red Light District. One of my friends, (male of course) recommended catching one of the shows there but I don't know if it would be my thing, not that I am a prude or anything. Can't wait now, :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Roll on 5 o'clock, getting my hair done, then meeting a friend for a catch up then home to pack up in the morning and I will be at the airport bar for 12! Our first holiday for 3 years! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I love Amsterdam, have been there 3 times. Be carful crossing the roads because you can be busy watching for cars and end up forgetting about trams and bicycles! I found the train from the airport to centraal station the best. Check where your hotel is on the map because you'll probably walk it easily from centraal station when you get there. Theres a lovely mexican at The Leidesplein which we went to a couple of times. Enjoy, wish I was going! xx
LJMom Posts: 1100
Well Im heading to Rotterdam for a wedding in June & going to head over a night early & stay in Amsterdam pressie for hubbie's 40th. Can anyone recommedn a hotel to stay in Ive been told to be careful some real kips there :-8
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
[quote="LJMom":29jyt42f]Well Im heading to Rotterdam for a wedding in June & going to head over a night early & stay in Amsterdam pressie for hubbie's 40th. Can anyone recommedn a hotel to stay in Ive been told to be careful some real kips there :-8[/quote:29jyt42f] Ho LJMom, I would say the Marriot in Leidesplein is the best located hotel in the city. You will literally be in the centre of everything. I find Marriot's very good hotels in general with the most comfortable beds! Even more than my own! ... ott-hotel/ We have also stayed at the Movenpick which is 5 min walk from central train station and all the tram lines. Spotlessly clean, good breakfast, nice bedroom & bathoom, very "efficient" looking hotel....and yummy ice-cream! ... erview.cfm You're right though, there are some not so great hotels - but I guess that can be said of a lot of cities. Amsterdam is also on the pricey side as well.