visiting at the coombe

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lucy1 Posts: 109
Hi there, Ive seen from here that visiting restrictions have lifted in Holles St and ROtunda. Just wondering if anyone knows if the same applies to the coombe? Hoping to be there soon........... and would love if grandparents were allowed to visit. If anyone knows that would be great! THanks!
Augustmum Posts: 686
hey Lucy 'm interested in this hopefully someone can answer it for us.... as you can see from my tricker I'm not due for awhile yet but would really like if the grandparents could visit :stork:
poppylops Posts: 1363
I was kept in during the week and only DH was allowed visit. Hopefully they will be lifted soon, before I have my little one!!
Marpat Posts: 1784
on both my DS's there was no visiting in the Coombe. DH had a visiting card and there was no way you'd get in without it. my nephew was born there last september and there was no visiting but we did some swapping of the card for some quick visits. I don't think they will be lifting the restrictions, it seems to be going on a long time now. maybe they will and i will be third time lucky to get visitors!!
Terri1 Posts: 1158
I was in semi p room the last time and tbh i'd have preferred no visitors in the room. one woman must've had 20 people around the bed and all passing the baby from one to the other. The baby cried constantly for 2 days solid, and the midwives said it was unsettled cos of all the passing around. Don't know how true that is, but it makes sense. On the other hand I was dying to show off my LO but restricted my visitors to grandparents. Much easier to control! Didn't let them hold LO either after what i had seen with the other woman!
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
I'm sure as they have in the other hospitals The Coombe will follow suit? Maybe give them a call and see what they say. I asked at main desk in Holles S and was sooo excited when they told me it was lifted :o)ll
Marpat Posts: 1784
oh this is intersting now. getting excited at the thought of the two most important people being able to visit their big brother/sister in october. will watch this space.
lucy1 Posts: 109
Great- thanks girls- Id love just to be able to have grandparents, partners and my DD to be able to come. Ill be there on Wednesday now so Ill check it out!