Vista Print Delivery?

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im waiting Posts: 2727
I ordered Thank You Cards off them weeks ago and I still havent got them? I think I paid for the 14-21 delivery but I thought at the same time that I would get them before that amount of time, It will be 3 weeks ago on Saturday. Would they usually send them quicker than whats estimated?
frazzledkitty Posts: 882
we ordered out invites and had them within 7 days of ordering
im waiting Posts: 2727
[quote="frazzledkitty":21jtdrip]we ordered out invites and had them within 7 days of ordering[/quote:21jtdrip] I'm just wondering if you chose the option to have them within 7 days or did you tick the same one as me?
frazzledkitty Posts: 882
oh jeepers i couldnt tell you i can't remember. there was an option i think for 5-7 day delivery and i ticked that one..sorry i'm no help it was a few weeks ago so i'm not sure..can you send them an email maybe or contact them? i'm sure they would have a consignment number for them?
sunflowergalcork Posts: 481
I order photo books and calendars from vistaprint a good bit. Always go for standard delivery but they usually arrive well ahead of the estimated time. HTH
Alwaysbroke Posts: 1140
Email them. DH ordered business cards off them and after a month there was still no sign of them so got onto them and they sent out new ones by courier. The original ones turned up about 2 weeks later which was WELL over the 21 days!
JellySnakes Posts: 2201
I have used Vista print quiet a bit lately and always get the 14-21 day delivery, the earliest i have had them is 2 days before the estimated date, they have never beeen late though. When they made a mistake with an order it was sent by courier within 2 days.
cannotwait42012 Posts: 170
i ordered some thank you cards last week, and i chose the slow delivery (over 21 days) so i wasn't expecting them until well into next month. I got them yesterday morning, was very impressed. Will defo be ordering invites from them. i'd give them an email if i were you.