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lastminutemolly Posts: 11
Hi Ladies, :wv Just a tip to share! I was ordering my invitations from Vistaprint last night. I ordered the following: 70 x invites, 70 x evening invites, 100 x thank you cards, 70 x RSVP cards. On the UK website it came to a total of £112stg which converts to €126euros. For pig irony I did the same order on (irish site), the exact same order came to €175 euros - €50 more for the same products with the same company! :ooh The reason I did it on UK site is because fiance is from Belfast and I order most things on the UK sites and get them delivered to mother-in-laws house in Belfast. Couldn't believe it was that big of a difference though! So basically if you're using vistaprint and have a UK/Northern Irish friend/relative use their address and save the cash! Happy planning! :)
miami82 Posts: 367
Hi girls, Just to add - you can use the Vistaprint UK site and still get shipped here for same price - that's what I did for our invites and there really was some saving compared to the .ie site.
lux Posts: 6270
Thanks for the tip ladies, we were going with vistaprint for order of service, invites and thank yous, glad to know we can save a few bob!
miami82 Posts: 367
Yeah theyre great value Lux and to be honest I wasnt happy with my first batch and called their customer service line and they apologised and insisted on giving me credit for the full amount so I could redo - and tbh it was because I wasnt happy with the paper. So my own fault. I decided on the linen paper in the end and its lovely. Some other tips: If you leave items in your basket and don't complete the sale straight away, they will sometimes email you over the next 2 days to offer you a special offer on it. Definitely use the UK site. Often after checkout you will be offered some extra promos e.g. 10 extra invites for a reduced price so keep an eye out as its good to have extras.
lux Posts: 6270
What paper were you not happy with? We're hoping to get these done next weekend (when venue is FINALLY booked) so the linen paper was better? Was that for everything or did you go for something different on the different bits? OH's company has a Belfast office so we can get the stuff sent there.
miami82 Posts: 367
I originally went for gloss as we had a pretty much full purple colour invite but I really didn't like it. The linen is FAB. An extra couple of euro/pound but its lovely, thick and professional looking.