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Vera Posts: 197
Morning Ladies, I hope you are all feeling well. I have been taking Santaogen Pronatal for the last 5 or so months. My doc said on my last visit that I can stop taking folic acis at 12 weeks. Thats fine but I want to keep taking my vitamin as I think I will get run down and most likely sick if i just stop taking my multivitamin. Is it ok to take a multivitamin with Folic acid right through your pregancy? Not sure if I can just call up my doc with these sort of queries? Or will they be cursing me.
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
I'm not sure to tell you the truth... so i would def ring Doc, jsut to be on teh safe side!!!!
totalnovice Posts: 787
I would check with your GP or consultant to be sure but it foes say on the Sanatogen Pro Natal packs that they are for ttc, all through pregnancy and while breastfeeding so i would think they are ok.
alton Posts: 3077
I'm another vote for talking to your GP! As far as I know, the folic acid just doesn't do anything after 12 weeks. I've never heard of it being harmful per se. [quote:e21xqida]I think I will get run down and most likely sick if i just stop taking my multivitamin[/quote:e21xqida] You might be worrying too much - if you exercise and eat a balanced diet, you'll most likely be just fine.
Vera Posts: 197
Thanks for the feedback. I haven't been exercising as due to previous miscarriages I am playing it safe until at least after the 13 week. I'm nearly there. I'll give my doc a call. Thanks a mill.
bride. Posts: 3014
The folic acid won't do much harm afaik but the bones are already formed by 12 weeks so it won't do much good either. The only thing I would be concerned about is that there might be too much Vit A in it which could be bad for when you're pregnant but if they are called pronatal rather than prenatal, they might be designed for pregnancy. You could always double check with your chemist if you don't have a doctors appt soon. Maybe it would say it in the leaflet as well
jellybaby Posts: 2316
You can keep taking it - I've been taking Sanatogen since we started to TTC last August, and am still taking it now at 36 weeks. Although your doc said you could stop taking FA at 12 weeks, lots of other docs tell their patients to stop taking it at 20 weeks, or different dates - they all differ. FA is a water soluble vitamin, so you can't overdose on it anyway, so while it's not doing much good for baby after the 12 weeks, it's not doing any harm either. My midwife also told me that the prenatal vitamins are great if you're taking them from the beginning because of the iron content - the fact that you've been taking a small amount all along means you're less likely to need a stronger iron supplement later on, which can cause other problems like constipation! HTH