vitamin recommendations ?

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newbridetobe! Posts: 21
hi Girls, just wondering if you could recommend good vitamins for PMS or for overall mood enhancement? suffer really bad from pms and at time could kill or other times just get real down and low and cant see the good in anything im pretty sure its pms - get it about 2 weeks before period and am like a demon - just wondering if anyone has the same or is on any good vitamin's suppliments? thanks so much ! :wv
mrs_c_to_be Posts: 534
I'm sure your local store will be able to point you in the right direction but I think that evening primrose or agnus castus (sp?) are supposed to be good for hormonal mood swings... Alternatively St Johns Wort is supposed to be good for depression but I think there are contraindications if you're on the pill? Best to double check with someone who knows what they're talkinga bout i'd say...
newbridetobe! Posts: 21
thanks for that mrs_c_to_b , yeah have heard of them as well, but defo dont want something that interfers with the pill ! not before the wedding anyway ! :wv
jumpingthebroom Posts: 154
B-vitamins are meant to be good to lift your mood I think
mrs_c_to_be Posts: 534
[quote="newbridetobe!":1w05bp5p]thanks for that mrs_c_to_b , yeah have heard of them as well, but defo dont want something that interfers with the pill ! not before the wedding anyway ! :wv[/quote:1w05bp5p] or am i thinking of milk thistle?? Not sure... anyway i think starflower oil is meant to be good for pmt also. Good luck with it chic - not pleasant :action32
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
A strong Vitamin B complex (will turn your wee bright yellow but that's normal!) Udo's Oil and magnesium.
jan2010 Posts: 126
Hi newbridetobe I know exactly what you're going through. I've suffered from PMT for years. I've been on prescribed Vit B and the stongest evening primrose oil you can buy in boots for over a year. It's made no difference whatsoever to me. I joined an online supprt group/ forum (NAPS) for PMT sufferers. I've been doing a lot of research lately and agnus cactus does seem to work for most of the people that have tried it. I'm getting some from Holland and Barrett today in the hope it will have worked by the time the wedding comes around. 12 weeks today, also expecting AF to arrive then too. O:| HTH
november2010 Posts: 70
Hi If you have any trouble getting agnus cactus, its available from A.vogel, a really really great alternative range available in nearly all pharmacies. It comes in a liquid form so you add drops to a water or something similar! In general cytacon(vit b12) or a b complex tablet along with evening primrose oil is the best combination available over the counter. St Johns Wort is only available on prescription in Ireland as it has loads of interactions, including with the pill. If you have not tried anything, get the PMT pack from Sona, it has b complex and evening primrose oil together in a special off pack. This definitely helps me. :wv