Vitamins later in pregnancy - what to take?

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Hi girls The nurse at the Rotunda recommended I switch from Pregnacare to Galfer FA around 16-18 weeks...finally switched at 19 weeks when I could find some Galfer! I'm also taking MumOmega as we don't eat much fish, and can take that throughout pregnancy. This means at the moment I'm getting iron and folic acid from the Galfer, and Omega 3 & 6 from the MumOmega, but nothing else. I was taking a multivitamin (Pregnacare) from 5 months before conception (only missed a few days!) until I was 19 weeks, and now am getting nothing apart from the above. Am I missing out from quitting the multivitamin / is what I'm taking plenty?
chicam Posts: 1169
I don't know exactly, sorry. All I can say is I was taking Galfer early in pregnancy then at 20 wks was told to stop and since then have taken Sanatogen Pro Natal with Omega 3 every day and it seems to be ok.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
On DD I was taking folic acid for ages before BFP. When I got my BFP I started taking Sanatogan ProNatal and kept taking them and the folic acid right the way through. When I was 4mths gone I was told to start taking Galfer too. I was told then there was no problem with me taking the ProNatal. On this pregnancy I'm doing the same thing with folic acid and pronatal. I'm going to hold off on iron until my levels start to drop and then take it.
madhatter Posts: 212
You could continue using the pregnacare, its perfectly safe throughout your pregnancy. Additional iron can be taken with it as although you're getting the normal RDA for a healthy adult, you need additional during pregnancy. If you are eating a healthy varied diet you probably won't need much vitamins. But pregnacare is fine to take.... Go and speak to your pharmacist!
Yoda Posts: 3340
Hi GB, I asked the consultant at 12 weeks should I finish the Pregnacare at 14-16 weeks and did I need iron, she said no harm continuing Pregnacare and she would wait till my blood tests results whether I needed iron, turns out I don't need iron so I am still on Pregnacare only