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jellywellies Posts: 2268
Hello! Looking some advice - I am currently dosed with the cold and wondering what vitamins & supplements are you all on? I'm only on folio acid at the moment. Not sure what I should be taking ! I'm even avoiding paracetemol etc in case I do damage or something. I'm about 8weeks. Thanks!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
u should take paracetemol and get rid of any fever you might have. and have honey and lemon drink. dont bother with lemsip. paracetemol is quite safe, i have taken it a few times during preg for different reasons. vitamins and supplements prob wouldnt kick in for a week or more. i started on pregnacare at 14 weeks but up till then i only took folic acid. HTH
jellywellies Posts: 2268
Thanks pregnantdancer thats great!! :thnk
Dee78 Posts: 263
Hi Jellywellies I'd a really bad cold early on too and like you didn't want to take paracetamol.. I've been told it's fine but just wanted to avoid taking anything if I could. I drank loads of hot water with honey and wedges of lemon and it actually is really good for your throat and the vitamin C is great too. Eat loads of fruit and healthy stuff even if you don't feel like eating and drink loads of water and get plenty of rest. Took me about 2 weeks to get over my cold properly, just be good to yourself and take it as easy as you can. Hope you're feeling better soon :wv