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mrsmurphy Posts: 193
Hi Looking for some advise on what vitamins to start taking - getting married in 3+ months but feeling a bit run down already and its only going to get busier so dont want to burn out before the big day. Thanks
Reston Posts: 1321
Vitamin D. My doc says she puts all her patients on it because practically everyone in the northern hemisphere is deficient due to either weather or sitting in an office all day.
mrsmurphy Posts: 193
Thanks Reston, Ill def put that on my list. :)
StarLilly Posts: 684
A good all-round multi vitamin, also consider getting your iron levels checked because that would definitely contribute to feeling run down. I take zinc for hair and skin, and because I'm on the pill which stops zinc being absorbed and counteracts some side effects of pill. I also drink aloe vera juice every day for detoxing! I'm big into my supplements! :)
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
Vit B12 is great for the mind