Vodafone Bill Pay Plans

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AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Hi girls, My trusty HTC is on its last legs :o( So I'm gonna take the plung and get an iPhone :o)ll I'm with Vodafone on Pay As You Go and I want to stay with Vodafone as all my family and friends on Vodafone and I wanna stay with them for the Free Vodafone to Vodafone Calls and Texts. I use the internet on my phone a lot, so I'd go through €60+ per month on Pay as you Go. I wanna move to bill pay as the iPhone is cheaper and I think I'll work out better being able to buy a data add on. So, for anyone on Vodafone Bill Pay - what plans are you on?? Anyone with an iPhone - Would you recommend to take out the Insurance on the iPhone, its €9.99 with Vodafone.
GJ Posts: 275
Both me and hubby are with Vodafone bill pay and find them good. They recently changed their plans, I'm on the 65euro a month, MyWayComplete Plus, and have the the Samsung S3 (which is fab!!). For that i have 500 voice mins, unlimited texts to any network, 2GB data and free VF-VF calls and texts :eek Hubby went for the MyWay Plus for 43.50euro a month. He gets 200 worldwide mins, 50 any network texts, 500Mb data and free VF-VF calls and texts. With his plan you can build it to what you would use so that's good. We got insurance for 6euro a month each with I think (you could google it). It's better because it covers loss, theft and water damage :eek which a lot of the others don't. I don't know anything about the iPhone just that it wasn't for me for a few reasons :o0
Mad Mod Posts: 1079
If you're spending €60+ a month anyways, you'll find the bill better value. The 'my way' plans offer a good bit of choice. You're insurance sounds pricey though.