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Frankie Posts: 1571
Please vote girls, I really think we need at least 1 moderator. Maybe this will catch Fiona's attention - the forum is getting ridiculous at this stage & it's doing us no good. This rate of going we won't have a good forum to speak of. For those of you who don't know what a moderator is, here is the link to the definition: The main bits and pieces from this very long definition! [quote:26oon53x]Among a moderator's enforcement duties is often the duty to stop flaming and keep the board a friendly place, free of personal insults (but different boards have different standards, and what is acceptable on one will invariably be prohibited on another). Most boards also ban illegal material (such as warez) and outright pornography, and many also restrict the use of profanity and any violent or sexual images, however in other boards this is considered perfectly acceptable, or even the norm.[/quote:26oon53x]
Frankie Posts: 1571
Sorry I forgot, please post your comments & help keep this up the top of the board.
justforfunsies Posts: 2502
i think its a good idea has my vote anyway!!
Baby06 Posts: 307
With you on this Frankie.....I hardly ever post here now because of all the rubbish on it. It works well on IWOL. There's been no uproar about censorship!!
pluppy Posts: 3519
i think it has to be done now
rady Posts: 919
I think people who disrupt the purpose of a forum or who use abusive and bad language should be banned . However there is a fine line between free speech, allowing people to have differing opinions than say the majority and a witch hunt.. I feel some people have been witch hunted out of here and some have gone (Thank god) due to being abusive and have ruined genuine threads. i really hope fiona investigates and sifts through the good and the downright horrors and makes the right choices. I dont condone bullying and think this forum in someways has been bullyish to posters due to just differing opinions to the majority. hope Fiona gets it right.......
rady Posts: 919
sorry havent finished, posting a thread called fish and piss is offensive surely this person could have phrased it differently. i found it offensive. if fiona is any kind of moderator she should stop that thread. my h2b uses a ferarri forum where if bad language is used the poster is banned for a week or whatever. as young people or kids could be using the forum. i dont think fiona should assume that everyone that visits this site is an adult ( now i know given the type of forum the majority are adult ) but still.... it shouldnt be assumed.. I am disgusted with gypsy.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
[quote:1wzared3]posting a thread called fish and piss is offensive surely this person could have phrased it differently. i found it offensive[/quote:1wzared3] Missed that, bit lost, sorry. Anyway, I think we do need moderators. But I think we need to be very clear about what their role would be, codes of practice etc. I think we need to protect our right to say what we want, to disagree with each other, to have healthy debate, and personality clashes, and a bit of a laugh every now and then. We have to be careful we don't become hyper-sensitive, and everybody is off running to the moderators with every little perceived slight (not saying people do, just an "in case") I think we need moderators to deal with the type of nonsense we've had to put up with lately - people posting under mutiple usernames, and just coming on her to cause trouble and get attention. And "people" like that horrible, vile, "thing" that was so disgusting to Brickingit Bride - THAT is the kind of thing people should be banned for. That is why we need moderators. Not because two people disagree over something and have an argument, or use a naughty word.
Vic Titious Posts: 518
Rady - Fiona is the editor - not a mod. Some of us have been plugging for mod's for a couple of years now. Fiona made the mistake of asking users what they thought of the idea - it was met with comments such as entitlements to "freedom of speech" etc and never went ahead. At this point Fiona and Co. need to make up their minds on what kind of website they want; and what type of user they are aiming at. The site has deteriorated and is now a playground for harrassment and abuse IMO. It's also interesting that old WOL users have split and started their own websites, they were sick of the online bullying; and double standards. They have moved across three other sites as far as I can tell and they are doing a fantastic job - an example to WOL perhaps? See these! (happout! ella-may etc) (Mrs. Peg Bundy) (Anon 10yr+ etc.) also (to see how well the mod's work here) Frankie - I agree - mod's please! (BTW - one moderator won't be enough to cope with all the posts) :wink: [size=75:1324gvo9]edited for typo[/size:1324gvo9]
la esposa Posts: 1191
I read that comment to Brickingit and couldnt believe how anyone could be so callous.The site does need moderators.Its too big now for just one person to control.That said,I've been on askaboutmoney and find it really restricted.The mods are really strict and dont seem to let any thread develop too much.I made a couple of mistakes too on it,breaking the rules and I got well and truly told off in a very cold manner.It put me off posting.
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