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GBride Posts: 173
I think that the prime rule for any forum is: "Personal attacks against other posters opinions will not be tolerated" That seems to be the big problem here - people bitching about other peoples opinions, or disagreeing with them in a most aggressive manner. I mean, you can disagree with someone, but there's no need to sneer at them whilst you're doing it. So hopefully a moderator would control that for starters. Even if they just did that it'd make a HUGE difference, don't you think?
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
After yesterdays debacle I think moderators are needed. The comment to Brickingitbride was unacceptable and some of the other posts were far too aggressive. However I do think that we should be careful not to overdo it. I've been on forums where any links to other sites aren't allowed. They are very important on this website as they are often links to suppliers etc. Also I would hope that it wouldn't stop people being allowed discuss personal issues as for some people the anonomity allows them discuss things they would be too embarrassed etc to discuss with someone face to face. It can be helpful in this way and I would hope that the subject matter wouldn't be too restricted. All that being said yesterday was a farce and if it were to continue that way people will just stop logging on anyway so some form of control will be needed in the future.
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Actually I think the system on is bloody dreadful. You're not issued with a warning, you're banned immediately at some juvenile's discretion. Some of those moderators are trigger happy at their keyboards. If WOL implemented a system like that I'd be up outside their offices in the morning with my tent, sandwiches and flask of tea and a great big banner to tell them to cop on!
lindy Posts: 1135
i think its a good idea has my vote :D
cbs Posts: 704
Def gets my vote, sick of reading reems of nonsense on here lately... It means I'm working way too hard :shock: :shock: :? :roll: :wink: as I can't be bothered logging on... My boss is delighted with the trolls :wink:
mad woman Posts: 22106
There should defo be some form of mods on here but wit v strict guidlines Ps...bck n thurs
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
[quote:28w7xpyv]There should defo be some form of mods on here but wit v strict guidlines Ps...bck n thurs[/quote:28w7xpyv] OMG you have a SERIOUS problem-your on holidays you mad cow you :lol:
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Hi Madwoman as you can see a lot has happened while you are away, how are things in Germany
la esposa Posts: 1191
[quote:m62i64mn][quote:m62i64mn]That said,I've been on askaboutmoney and find it really restricted.The mods are really strict and dont seem to let any thread develop too much.I made a couple of mistakes too on it,breaking the rules and I got well and truly told off in a very cold manner.It put me off posting.[/quote:m62i64mn] You obviously broke their posting rules! The point of moderators.. :wink:[/quote:m62i64mn] Thank you Vic titious Im aware that thats "the point of moderators".All I was saying was that I broke rules without realising it (eg I posted a thread asking advice on 2 forums cos I didnt know which one suited) and I was chastised like a child for it.Mistified is right when she says that on that site they stop topics very quickly.I wouldnt want to see that here.
mad woman Posts: 22106
FFS!!!! :lol: :lol: I reckon Im going to have to spend my weekend catching up, oh be jaysus work tomorrow, wreck the head!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: