VOTE: Public/Semi-Private/Private: what are you doing???

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lucyloo32 Posts: 957
Mammies of 2011 and 2012, what way do you plan to go for the birth of your bub? Just interested to see what others are doing.
ructions Posts: 2689
This article gives a more comprehensive list of figures than you'll get in a poll. ... 81571.html
PearlBaby Posts: 532
I voted Public. The reason being that i have a pretty healthy lifestyle as does my family history. If i thought for one minute that it would be greater benefit to go private i would BUT only if i needed extra care. Going public dosent mean your not going to get the same level of care as a private mummy. I'm far from an expert as this is our first so time will tell.
Emme Posts: 4735
My choice was between Private in a private hopsital or public in a public hospital, didn't entertain the thoughts of private in a public hospital! Going Mt. Carmel as had fantastic experience there last time, staff numbers are incredible and thats something that matters to me. Don't think I could every justify paying extra to go private in a public hospital. That's just be though!
star13 Posts: 291
Went semi-private last time and wanted the same this time but couldn't get in so am going public. I know the care will be just as good, I'm just not looking forward to sharing with 5 other people, I found it stressful enough with 3 others.
RugbyMom Posts: 36
Hi Girls, I work for a private health insurance company but have to say from speaking to our members, I have opted for public myself. I can see the pros and cons of both so for anyone who doesnt know how it works heres a breakdown: Public - if you go public, there is no charge to you as the public system is free. If you opt to go public and also have health insurance you should be aware that you cannot use your insurance to influence the room you are allocated when you are admitted to have your baby - You are treated just like any other public patient. You can only use your health insurance if you opt for semi private or private care. Semi Private/ Private to a Public Hospital - the majority of people who opt to go semi private or private go to a public hospital as there is only one private maternity hospital in Ireland (Mount Carmel). Most health insurance plans cover you up to 3 days for a routine delivery or up to 5 nights for a C Section if it is medically necessary (provided you have served the maternity waiting period on your policy which is 52 weeks from date of joining). The consultant sets his/her own fees for the "privilege" of attending them on a private or semi private basis and this fee includes your pre and post natal care (i.e. scans, visits, bloods etc) - fees can range between 500 - 4000 depending on the consultant and whether you are SP/P. I can see the benefit of going private or semi private if you have had complications/ difficulties previously or a medical condition where you require the extra attention but when you are going to give birth in a public hospital there is no guarantee that you will get a semi-private or private room as it is subject to availability of beds at the time of admittance. So for those of you who are opting to go P or Semi P so that you can have your P or SP room - you should def take this into consideration before handing over the much needed cash! I personally would rather spend what little money we have on the child rather than on a consultant - but thats just me. Semi-Private/ Private to Mount Carmel - many health insurance plans give whats called a "grant-in-aid" benefit (GIA) if you attend Mount Carmel. This GIA benefit is offset against the full cost of your stay in Mount Carmel for 3 days following a routine delivery and the hospital will bill you directly if there is any shortfall. If it is medically necessary for you to have a C Section, this is a medical procedure so your cover depends on the plan you hold i.e. if you have cover for a semi private room/ private room in a private hospital. You are still liable for your consultants fees for pre and post natal care (GIA benefit is offset against hospital charges only). Pre and Post Natal Expenses and COnsultant's fees - your come back for these fees is quite limited, there are few plans on the market that may give you between 250- 500e back for pre and post natal care if you went private or semi private. The rest of the plans have an annual excess on out-patient medical expenses meaning if you dont reach the excess - you dont get anything! BUT - what many people dont realise is that you can claim tax relief on medical expenses like this through revenue so go to for further information on Med1. Its worth contacting your insurer before opting to go Public/ SP / Private just to confirm exactly what your plan covers you for. You may find that your plan has little extras like baby massage, breast feeding consultations, ante natal class benefit, 24 hour nurse on the phone, pregnancy support services etc. THIS INFORMATION WAS GIVEN AS A GUIDE ONLY from another expectant Mum. As with all insurance companies Terms and Conditions apply so make sure you confirm your cover with your own insurer before incurring any expenses! Hope this helps and best of luck to you all!!!
angelstar11 Posts: 245
hiya Im all so new to this, only found out a week ago when i got the BFP! Im thinking of going private but i really dont understand what I will get for the 2k plus, Ive heard from some private patients that didnt have their consultant in the hospital when their giving birth, how many time do you get to meet the consultant and when do you first meet the him/her? and been covered with VHI if i was to pay for private also will there be any other charges involved?
jess_gal2009 Posts: 1061
[quote="Emme":1r21avar]My choice was between Private in a private hopsital or public in a public hospital, didn't entertain the thoughts of private in a public hospital! Going Mt. Carmel as had fantastic experience there last time, staff numbers are incredible and thats something that matters to me. Don't think I could every justify paying extra to go private in a public hospital. That's just be though![/quote:1r21avar] I completely agree with you Emme. Seeing as i'm in Cork, the only maternity hospital option is CUMH and, like you said, I just cannot see the sense in paying for private in a public hospital. Having listened to the public v private conversations many times in work (I work in a very female dominated workplace!), and there have been girls there that went private first time and decided to go public thereafter, vs girls who went public with all their kids, and the treatment was the same. What would annoy me the most at paying private fees (most consultants in Cork seem to charge over €3k), is that you're not even guaranteed your consultant with you at the birth. In fact, the majority of the women ive spoken to about this, who went private, either had the consultants locum or just a midwife led birth. I cannot see the point in paying private (particularly in Cork) in a public hospital. Hence I'm happy to go public. Plus, its not as if it's 'free'- we've been paying into this system with our PRSI deductions for years!
Wife09 Posts: 873
Private in Public hospital for me all the way this time too. Have the comfort and reassurance . I did consider Mount Carmel but if things go badly wrong (as they did the last time) they have to pack you and baby off to Coombe anyway as thats where specialist units for baby are. With private I get a scan everytime I see him, if Im worried I just go up to him as I want for a scan etc . Id a lot of problems and for the first few weeks I was public, I didnt like it. I saw a different doctor everytime and sometimes the students scanned me. I found it all very rushed and not personal. I hate sharing rooms with people and had my own room after Id baby but on one of my many stays I was on a public ward and it wasnt as bad as I thought. I still saw my own consultant every day though so there was no messing about like who is going to come see me today. From what I saw of the Public/Semi Private system the regular docs were afraid to make any decisions and tell you anything without a consultant holding their hand. Public is grand if you have normal pregnancy , Semi Private is the biggest waste of money ever. My friend is SP has been in hospital admitted 5 times now and she saw the consultant once. She is being arsed about the place no one will make a decision. I was on SP ward in coombe a few times. They have 1 2bed room and the rest are wards of 4 beds, in the public ward I was on it had 5 beds so I just dont see the point. Also if my cons is on hols I see another private cons in his place. If he is on hols when Im delivering another private cons will deliver me. They seem to have a Rota between them if they go on hols and always told me when he was away and who was covering for him. Id no bother last time he was there like a shot and it was 9pm at night. Id bad labour and surgery after he was with me till 1230 that night. Went down to DH on his own when they were cleaning me up after surgery to tell him about it and that I was going to be fine! Love the man, best 4500k Ive ever spent!
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i voted private in a public hospital as it is the only private option available to me... i am very healthy. very active and only that i went private last time the outcome for me and DS would not have been favourable... i would not have been scanned the day i needed an emergency section. i did not even contemplate public