Waist exercises

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Autumn06 Posts: 58
Does anyone have any tips on how to lose 1 or 2 inches off my waist? I swim/walk/jog 4-5 times a week but I need to start some toning, in particular my waist and tummy - they've always been the problem area for me!
kas Posts: 105
Good old sit ups. Womans way bend your legs dont have them straight thats for men. About 100 each nite or more
Tinkle Posts: 32
Try using an exercise ball (Argos) to enhance the sit ups! I got one and find it much easier to do situps without putting pressure on your back and you do feel it working! :D
pyrmont Posts: 16
My tummy is my main problem also! Recently I have been doing loads of situps (at least 100 everyday). But in order to tone the whole stomach wall you need to do different stomach excercises. Try a combination of the following: > [b:2a8i9axd]Normal crunches[/b:2a8i9axd] (does top of stomach, under the rib cage) >[b:2a8i9axd]Side cruches[/b:2a8i9axd], crunching to alternative knee, side to side (does side of abs) > [b:2a8i9axd]Criss Cross[/b:2a8i9axd] - lie on your back with you legs flat on the ground and your arms either folding under your head on tucked uder your bum. Then raise your legs about 6inches from the floor and criss cross them over each other like a scissors (hope that sounds ok), this is really hard but works the lower abs which we usually forget about. Aim to do about 10 of these at first and work up. Basically its hard work and the biggest pain in my life but if you do a combination of them all everyday, I promise you it will make a difference.
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
Slendertone. Since you're already walking etc all you do is strap it on to you when you go for one. I've one and I think it's brillant. Sit up are also great but actually getting down and doing them sometimes can be a bit of an effort.