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Hepburn Posts: 4081
Anyone else playing the waiting game this week. I am due on Thurs or Fri and the suspense is killing me. Didn't do the do very often this month as Dh away, but we managed on the relevant days, so still holding out some hope.....
Miki Posts: 309
i am due af on wednesday/thursday. did a text yesterday and it was negative. i still cant help but feel i 'might be' till i get af. Same old story every month
cute kitten Posts: 537
mind in I jump in, AF due on the 25th so I have over a week left. But am still unbelieveably nervous. Cant think of anything else.
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Best of luck girls.....fingers crossed eh? :)
miss sixty Posts: 467
Im in on the waiting game too.....due tomorrow. Did a test yesterday and it came up neg - surprise, surprise. I shouldnt have done it cos I was in such bad form all day yesterday over it. Hubby is threating to hide all hpt kits until weekend!!!!! My best friend had her baby on Saturday and since then I just cant stop thinking about getting the BFP. my star signs said "SOMETHING i ASSUMED WOULD JUST HAPPEN WONT, AND I NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT" More fool me to be taking that crap to heart! Fingers crossed for us all this week and next for you sammie!
feelsobad Posts: 693
yup Im waiting too. Due af next monday - I need to STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. Did lots of bding. Was temping but temperature did a big drop yesterday and have lots of creamy cm (sorry TMI) and boobs feel a bit achey. So no idea what is going on. Could all be in my head How long you all trying??? O:|
bridezilla2008 Posts: 34
I'm due AF Thursday week (23rd) and already playing a waiting game! Have been ttc a whole year now and had 2 mcs, my cycles went crazy and are now back to normal. Everything is pointing at this being my month, between psychics and horoscopes, so I'm driving myself mad with the wait O:|
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Here's a "2 week wait activity list" girls!!! Supposed to keep u busy from when you ovulate onwards.... [url:3ijx357o]http://www.birthintuitive.com/article3.html[/url:3ijx357o]
mrs bwin Posts: 242
Gosh that list is full of things that i would never have thought of some funnies on that one. Good one Mrs Peg. I've not even ovulated yet and i can't wait to see if this is going to be my month.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
It gave me a laugh anyway Mrs Bwin! I'm in the same boat as you - on the start of a new cycle. Feeling positive at the mo - let's hope it's our month this month :)