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downwiththissortofthing Posts: 113
Hi, I'm only just 5 weeks pregnant, and I'm finding this part kind of hard. I just want to fast forward 7 weeks so that it doesn't have to be a secret any more, and also because I'm a total worrier and I want to be out of the first trimester so I can relax a bit! Has anyone else been like this in the first few weeks?
bride22 Posts: 359
Hey there First of all - Love your name 2nd. I'm 10 wks 4dys. I still feel like that. I thought I couldnt wait to reach the 12 wk stage but now that its close, i dont think it will ease at all. I constantly worry about having a miss or doing something wrong. I mentioned it to my GP on fri and he says its very common. His best advice to me was "If its a good pregnancy it will stick If its not it wont , in other words there would have been something serious wrong for it not to survive - like a chromosome disorder etc.." He made alot of sense. He said it would be better to MC a baby early in pregnancy then a baby that could never survive outside the womb or worse suffer when its born. He also says that at my stage 10/11 wks theres very little I can do just relax and if the worst happened there would be nothing I could have done. I hope this helps you a little. We just have to try and stay positive and hope for our little "futures" to stay where they are and grow strong and healthy because there's lots of people waiting here for them to love them. Good luck and keep in touch
Babylon Posts: 334
Hi there. Firstly congrats on your pregnancy! What you are feeling is TOTALLY normal. If you check the early posts on any of the threads (like the one I am on - July 08 babies) I am sure you will see that everyone was in the same boat for the first 12 weeks. That is why the forum is so brilliant - it lets you ask questions and share worries at a time when you can talk to no one else. I won't tell you that the next 7 weeks will go quickly, because my experience was that they didn't. Sometimes every day felt like a week, and I never stopped worrying. However, reaching the 12 week mark is fantastic!! Just look after yourself until then, and try and enjoy it as you and your partners' little secret. Congrats again!