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miss choc Posts: 1270
Dont know if anyone wants to set up a thread for walkers a bit of motivation for brides to be, or just those who just want to lose weight. Might be easier to do with a few I know I have pesky last Lbs to lose before Summer and with Easter coming up I know there will be Easter eggs about >:o)
seans missus Posts: 1381
I'll join you! I pound the roads everyday for 2 months for 3 miles and it has done sweet F.A. for me. Ive lost a grand total of 2 pounds! My SIL on the other hand has been walking 2 miles per day since October and has lost 2 and a half stone. O:| So I'll join ya! Going walking this evening before dinner because I just dont feel like eating much when I get back![/code]
miss choc Posts: 1270