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FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
My dad can't walk me down the aisle as he won't be able to attend the wedding. I am devastated but I understand, doesn't stop me hurting though. :o( My 16 year old brother was then meant to do it but when he was supposed to come and get fitted for his suit, he let me down and I can't take the chance of him rebelling on me the morning of the wedding as he has a habit of not attending family gatherings like communions and stuff. He's extremely stubborn. I decided I'd do it alone as I'm not really happy with the whole 'giving away' side of things, as I feel I am my own person and no one should 'give me away' however, FMIL suggested that my dad's only brother do it and on the plus side, he is also my godfather so I thought that was a great idea and am happy to do that. I will be asking him as soon as I get the chance but I was wondering does he have to tie in then with the bridal party and top table etc or can I let him walk me down the aisle and then resume normal guest status. Horrible as that sounds :-8
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
That will be very nice, having your Godfather do it. I would think perhaps get him a tie in the same colour as the bridal party? Just for the photos like? I wouldn't think there'd be a huge need to get him the same suit. Though it would be a nice gesture, but he probably wouldn't be expecting it at all and would probably be happy to wear his own suit. Also maybe name him as 'Bride's Escort' or something on the Mass booklet (if you're having one) just to mark it and give him a name like. And maybe thank him in your speech if you're doing one. Do you want him to do a speech at all? Just if he's an older man he might be thinking that as your escort he might be called upon to speak (kinda as it's the done thing like), so if you don't want him to speak make sure you say it to him. I would think getting him the same coloured tie and thanking him in your speech and getting him a round of applause would be grand and he'd be delighted with that.
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
I think so. No, I wouldn't want him to do a speech but if he wanted to I wouldn't mind. The rest of the guys are wearing kilts and I doubt he would be up for that :o0. That's what I wondered about really was the tie. I'm not doing a speech :-8 I'm too shy lol nor am I having a mass booklet but I could get H2B to thank him in his speech I dunno. Have to think about it. O-O for replying so quick
Sharlo Posts: 127
Hi HellsBelles, Sorry your Dad can't be there on the day, i know how devastating that will be. My Dad passed away recently and I have asked my bro to give me away. He's quite shy and didn't even want to do a reading before we thought he would ever have to do this but fair play to him he is doing it. Anyway, I'm getting him the same suit as the rest of bridal party. However I told him he can take off the waistcoat as soon as he walks me up the aisle, doesn't have to make a speech or sit at the top table if he doesn't want to . He is going to make speech and sit at top table beside my Mam. However, I wouldn't have been upset if he didnt want to. I think no one can replace your Dad so it doesn't really matter if your uncle wears same as bridal party or if he makes a speech. I think its lovely that your Dads brother could give you away. I would leave it up to him whether he wants to make a speech and I think getting your H2B to thank him in his speech would be lovely. Best of luck xo
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
Thanks Sharlo, I can't wait to ask him now as I think it's a fab idea. FMIL's are good for something it seems cause I'd never have thought of it. :o0
Minier Posts: 244
I think your God Father is a really nice idea. I agree that just get him to wear his own suit and match up his tie. Another potential idea is to walk down with your husband to be. Friends of mine did this. The bride commented that her favourite part of the day was being greeted by her husband outside when she arrived at the church and having that private moment together, when she had his reaction all to herself.
OrTees Posts: 907
Hi HellesBelles, Really sorry to hear that your Dad isn't there to walk you up the aisle. I think having your Godfather walk you up is a lovely idea though. Just to say, my Dad wore his own suit & tie as only DH and his BM had matching suits on the day. It doesn't matter at all for the photos so don't worry about that aspect if it. Best of luck O:o)
redgp Posts: 1681
I think godfather is a right idea. If my dad wasn't around I'd be picking him too. I don't think you need to include him in the top table but I'd mention him in the mass booklet if you can.
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
Hey, that's awful for you...I've been giving out about the whole walking down the aisle thing but to be fair I'm very lucky that my dad will (hopefully all going well) be able to walk me down. My cousin however walked down with her H2B...they met at the bottom and walked up together (her dad didn't want to 'give' her away...), could be an idea? I'd have liked to do this but it means a lot to my dad (and me I guess if I thought he couldn't) to walk me down.
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
I should be heading to ask him tomorrow so hopefully he will agree. H2B doesn't want to walk together. We had discussed it but he said he wants to stand at the top and wait for me for some reason I can't even remember but I remember thinking it was sweet at the time lol :-8