Walking for Weight Loss

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RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Hey ladies How many of you have been walking to lose weight? How are you finding it and what have you lost so far? I am starting back walking with a vengence tomorrow after work. Thanks
joer Posts: 1617
does it have to be powerwalking? I walk my dogs everyday for atleast a half hour, but with one on each hand it's hard to power walk, it's just a walk really - does that count
NewGirl Posts: 1143
I had gained 3 stone during pregnancy & I did lipotrim for 2 wk & lost 9lb, after that I just walked & walked & walked, not power walking but a pace faster than a stroll IYKWIM?? I also watched my diet, reduced portion sizes & cut out all sweets/crisps/bars/take away/fried food, I was so determined & I lost it in 3 mth and have managed to keep it off so far ( a yr since I started) I just continue to watch my diet without being as strict as when I was loosing weight, I try to walk 3 times a week where possible. I def think everyone can loose weight if they really put their mind to it. Go ladies, if you want it bad enough you can do it!!!!
micksmrs Posts: 931
Walking is great but you will also need to make some adjustment to your food intake as well. A gentle stroll is not going to shift the pounds but if you go at a good fast pace you should be ok. I remember doing a trial with a gym and could see how my walking (with the distance and time and speed dials and indicators on the machines) was next to useless unless the pace was picked up. For monitoring i found the threadmill great.
Caoimhe 1 Posts: 338
Walking is a great way to shift the pounds but as others have said it needs to be at a good pace and you will have better and faster results if you also watch what you eat. Am not saying that you have to cut out all the treats, I don't think that works in the long run (if you anyway like me) but I lost over a stone just from walking and watching what I ate. I would be good during the day and then have a mini bar (caramel etc) in the evening. That was my treat which I looked forward to and it stopped me from binging during the day knowing that I could have that later. I was also careful of my meals, portion sizes and cooking in healthy way. I prefered to go for long walk 3-4 times a week for about 1 hour and 20 mins (5 miles) but it would work just as well to go for shorter walks every day. Hope that helps and good luck with it.
Italy07 Posts: 5409
I have only been back walking since Sunday and walk between 30 mins and 2hours depending on the day Ive had! with that and cutting out the crap food I have lost 1.5lbs. Good luck.
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Yeah I did walking and WW back in 2002 and in 6 months managed to shift 3.5 stone - I am hoping to even lose 2 stone and I would be a happy camper. The WW target for me is mental - she wants me to lose 4 stone. But I was under 12 stone in 1998 and I was horrible looking - way too thin. Even my mother used to tell me to eat a bit more. I don't have a huge appetite and my problem is more that I don't eat enough as opposed to over-eating. I have an underactive thyroid too which does not help the cause, pcos and my bowel removed - so I am on a very limited diet food-wise as it is with the ileostomy. I can't eat too much fruit (can't eat the skin on fruit or veg), can't eat too many greens and raw veg is a no no and I used to love munching on carrot sticks. Chocolate act's like a laxative for me :-8 so that's out the window too. Just reading this list makes me tired - what I need is defo more exercise and loads and loads of walks. Thanks for all the advice ladies! :thnk