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Mrs Ronaldo Posts: 213
Hi Girls, This evening I just took a fit and walked about 2 miles :o)ll :o)ll This was the first time I went out walking in the evening (although my ears nearly fell off with the cold :-8 ) and I was so chuffed with myself! And surprisingly I really enjoyed it. :eek But I'm just wondering afterwards, is that a good distance? How long should I be walking for to loose weight? How fast should I be walking? I eat properly, don't actualy like sweets and chocolate, however I never eat breakfast (Just can't do it!) but I would like to loose about a stone. I have tried the gym but find it quite monotonous (sp?) walking or rowing etc in the same space for an hour Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks a Mil! Anna
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
To start with 2 miles is OK but I wouldn't really consider it a good distance. You'd need to build it up quite a lot to see any difference in weight, tone and fitness.
fire fly Posts: 1241
Good start, especially in this cold weather! After a while maybe start making your walk longer but its all about the speed, and change youre walk, don't always do the same one you want all your muscles working!
NowGone Posts: 8042
The distance doesn't really matter [i:1b0ntmd9]as [/i:1b0ntmd9]much as the speed at which you walked it. Taking an hour to walk two miles won't burn fat and wouldn't really constitute cv exercies - you won't raise your pulse walking that slowly. You should be aiming for around 3.5 miles p hour plus. Tbh, for fat loss, I'd be aiming at a three miles walk in approx. 45 minutes (pretty fast wlking). It might take a bit of time to bouilt up to that though - but well done for starting on such a cold day!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
[quote="maybe_mrs_d":3lki3fur] But I'm just wondering afterwards, is that a good distance? How long should I be walking for to loose weight? How fast should I be walking? [/quote:3lki3fur] In order to lose weight you've to burn off more calories than you consume. I don't know about walking but for running at a 10 min/mile pace you burn off about two hundred calories for every two miles. So it only accounts for a packet of biscuits or so. That said, you've made a start (well done) and you'd be surprised how quickly the mileage adds up and makes a difference. Your diet is important but exercise makes you feel better and gives you a good incentive to keep going. Plus it's awful hard to stuff your face and walk fast at the same time so it's surprisingly effective that way. The gym is monotonous at times and I used to love just the "clear the head" aspect of a walk after work. To answer your question in a round about way, if you want to lose weight you've got to burn more than you consume. There's a lot of information on the internet about how to calculate this out. I've mentioned [url=http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=252:3lki3fur]this site[/url:3lki3fur] about 15 million times at this stage but it really does have an awful lot of useful information and tips on it. ps To know you're doing a really good cardio session you should be coming home sweating. Funny but effective way to judge it!
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
For years, I walk religiously everyday for 40 minutes and I walk 4 miles exactly. I have to say I would be lost without it and is defintely keeps me toned. I am a very fast walker anyway but I think walking is a great form of excercise and its great for clearing the head!! I really enjoy it and funnily enough it becomes addictive after a while.
Mrs Ronaldo Posts: 213
Thanks a million for the replies girls, I've started going out most eveings for an hour and doing 3 kilometers in that time (except after the first night because the PAIN in my thighs and calves was unreal) I feel so much better too! And Sweaty :-8 Great Start for the New Year me thinks Thnks again!! :thnk Anna