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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all Ive started back going for a walk last wk after christmas. Now I use to walk my two dogs a good 40-50 min walk most days up to maybe Nov then work hours changed and I stopped doing that. But since I started back last wk I did two days of only maybe 30-40 mins and I was wrecked from it. Then I took a break again, however when Im walking Im noticing Im getting a stitch very easily, has this happened to any of you? When I get home I just sit down and stitch gone. Now I only went slowly yesterday and took my time didn't go as far and prob took about 25-30 mins to do short walk but again the stitch was there???
Altar Igo Posts: 119
Hi babsdel, exactly the same thing happens me with getting a stitch when I go for walks, particularly if I don't consciounsly make myself walk slower than I usually do. Once I sit down or even just stop and give myself a breather for half a minute or so it goes away. I've also noticed I get tired much more easily on walks than I use to - I suppose as babb├│g is getting bigger there's just a bigger strain on your body.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I get really breathless on walks now. I loved running before getting pregnant and had hoped to keep up some exercise regime but even walking up a not very steep hill leaves me totally out of breath. Its frustrating as I want to exercise but my body is not co-operating!
adelz Posts: 3088
Oh thanks for that, that's ok at least I know its normal, yeah I suppose when you think about it, babs is literally taking over your body :o0 I thought it was just me that this happened to. You've really put my mind at rest. Just back in there now from a walk and completely slowed down, then let one dog off to run in a field (cheat) and I didn't have as bad a stitch at all. I have to laugh cuz when Im flying around the place all the time doing stuff inside or shopping etc etc for babs there not bother on me!!! :o0
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
I always get a stitch in my right side now when I walk (since about week 21). As altar igo says though if I just sit down for even half a minute it disappears. I've greatly cut down on my exercise though- get out for a short 2 mile walk about 5 times a week (have to as I've a dog to walk too) so even if I can keep that up it's better than nothing.
adelz Posts: 3088
That's way Im thinking if I can walk the dogs at all even on the short walks its better than nothing and then at wkends my sis can bring the lab on a long walk....the other one is a westie so a small hse dog so doesn't need as much walking!
BusyMom Posts: 717
Girls - if you're getting unusually breathless (i.e. walking up the stairs) it might be worth getting your iron levels tested by your GP. It was one of the main symptoms that my midwife warned me to look out for! Don't mean to scare ye but just worth checking out, if you haven't already done so. It's something to do with your blood having less oxygen carrying cells than normal!
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks for that, no Im fine norm and all the running around is good too but just when out walking over period of time that's all I just get stitch but once stop or slow down it goes etc. Due to get iron checked again at next hosp app which in 2.5 wks time but midwife told me my iron was so high last time it wouldn't of dropped that much that would be of concern thank god. Thanks though it is so good getting to know all these different things :wv
Dee78 Posts: 263
Hi girls Just got in after 20 min walk home from the train and I'm wrecked!!! So glad to log on and see this post as I've been feeling bad the past few days thinking I'm not doing enough exercise. I used to walk most days for at least an hour and had taken up running as well. Now I'm wrecked after 20-30 minutes walking!! And so hard to motivate yourself to go out walking these dark evenings after a full day in work etc. Unfortunately we don't have a dog, wish we did as that would make me go more often!!! I get stitches too and out of breath but wouldn't worry about it as seems pretty normal as the pregnancy goes on.. I'm not panicking about putting on weight on or anything like that but just feel a bit guilty for not doing more exercise as I know it's good for baby too and will pay off in the long run to keep fit for labour etc...At the same time don't want to push myself too much... Anyone else feel like that? Sorry for rambling on!
adelz Posts: 3088
You're not rambling, Im glad that there are others that feel the same. Im sure its as you say as preg goes on its bound to happen. Thanks girls :wv