Wallpaper Vs Paint

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Jawl Posts: 8881
I was pondering this out loud yesterday in my mams. I am decorating soon, and want to make the bedroom really nice and relaxing, like a sanctuary! I was going to make the wall behind our bed the feature wall, and maybe paper it, and then paint the rest in a light colour. Some cream/neutural colour. My mam said that's all fine til I change my mind in a couple of years and decide no more wall paper and I'll have great fun peeling it off. So she's turned me off! What do you guys think?
AliceCullen Posts: 1408
I've papered two walls in our house and it'll definately be staying that way for as long as we can look at it :o0 I love it and think it's really warm but I wouldn't be doing any more of it. I love painting and think you can get alot of different looks from paint alone and it's so easy to change if you get sick of it. I'd say that if you want to paper it make sure you absolutely LOVE the paper before it goes up. My bedroom wall behind my bed is papered and it's lovely and soft and relaxing. It's a pale brown base with cream and baby blue flowers. I have baby blue bed sheets and cream and brown cushions. I love my bedroom...wish I was at home there now :zzzz: :zzzz:
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
We wallpapered one wall in DDs room at the beginning of the summer and my advice is.............if you value your relationship NEVER wallpaper ANYTHING!!!! Now our house is particularly awkward because there isn't one square wall in the place but god the rows we had. :-8 We just about got through it (after buying a second lot of wallpaper cause DH cut the first batch 2 inches too short ;o( ), and have vowed to never wallpaper again.
lux Posts: 6270
A couple of our walls are a bit uneven so we're going to get them wallpapered, we repainted them but they don't look great. It's something we're getting someone in to do, I just never find jobs like that look "finished" when we do them, there's nothing like that professional look. So I love it, DH hates it but for us its wallpaper or get the walls replastered!
Jawl Posts: 8881
I think I've decided on paint! I haven't seen any wall paper that I really love. And plus, I wanted to keep the bedroom neutrual enough. So I'm going to do the feature wall, Dulux Frappe, and the rest of it antique white. My curtains are a cream colour too, so it means I can have a wide range of bed clothes then for it. Now, I have a newly built wardrobe, it's raw wood, I was going to varnish it, but then thought about doing it in a white/cream? Any ideas?
Kittyboo Posts: 1591
I'd probably keep the doors a wood colour i.e just a coat of varnish......once you paint them white, its very very very hard to get the paint off it if you want to varnish it at a later stage. The paint gets into the grooves of the wood. Our bedroom is painted in good old magnolia with natural wood looking doors on the wardropes and chest of drawers, dark brown leather bed with cream sheets, green cushions and a green satin throw at the end of the bed, suede cream and green curtains and two big pictures above our bed. I love our bedroom. I've banned a telly going into our room as I want it as a sanctuary.
AliceCullen Posts: 1408
You can always get a lovely neutral colour wallpaper with a pattern on it which still gives you the options of changing colours. My aunt has a beautiful cream wallpaper with an embossed flower on it and it's stunning, she changes her accessories with the season and it totally changes the look of the room. Just another option :thnk [quote="handymammy":2uceyyh7]We wallpapered one wall in DDs room at the beginning of the summer and my advice is.............if you value your relationship NEVER wallpaper ANYTHING!!!![/quote:2uceyyh7] :o0 :o0 I got my brother to help and got rid of hubby for the day when we wallpapered but totally agree that it's not an easy job
ianstuart Posts: 1947
I love wall paper and i have it in my sitting room and also the hall but in both cases its only a feature wall . My advice to anyone wallpapering is to invest in a good WP steam stripper. They are great and really cut down the stripping time but taking down WP is a lot harder than painting , and even when the walls are all striped they will have to be washed a good few times to make sure the wall is clean. All this doesn't stop me putting up wallpaper , i :lvs it.
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Anyone that really wants to wallpaper due to uneven walls or whatever, what about one of the textured papers that you then paint? My parents used woodchip wallpaper years ago, partly to help keep the plaster on the walls I think :o0 but you can actually get some quite nice ones these days and they last very well so you can just keep painting them every few years.