want to be part of bridal shower??

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loz04 Posts: 225
Hi all my brother is getting married to a lovely girl in Boston in August. We are all travelling over for the wedding obviously but she is havign a bridal shower in 2 weeks time. I am not sure exactly what happens at these but we (female members of family) all got an invite to this. We won't be able to go but I would really like to be part of it in some way, has anyone any ideas on anything we could do?? thanks in advance!
pinkbabe Posts: 540
Get a box & put a little pressie each in with a nice card with a few kind words & post it to her BM so that she can give it to the B2B @ the shower. That way the B2b will know nothing about it & ur little surprise will have you in her thoughts throughout her shower. Or u could set up webcam & be there via the net!!!
malla Posts: 161
I was going to suggest the box of gifts also, and maybe make them kind of Irish (if she is from the US herself) they might get a kick out of that, her marrying an Irish guy and all that. And a nice card would be appreciated a lot I'm sure.
newbe Posts: 276
Hi Loz04 My wee sis got married in the states 2 years ago and i couldnt be at her shower, so what we did was got a photo album and put together a story book of her life from she was a baby to when she moved to the states. This really choked her because we had put the thought into it, but also her friends wanted to see all them photos and little words we had added. you know the funniest thing was they all laughed at the photos of our family in our polo kneck jumpers on the beach! only in ireland eh? We also sent her, her confirmation outfit! But she was so tickled pink i must say it was worth it! So, maybe do a wee story book on your brother, honestly, the americans LOVE it!!
pinkbabe Posts: 540
If u are going all ORISH with the pressie box the euro shops have a rake of stuff @ the min left over from paddys day like the disposible cameras for 2 euro u can't beat that
thumper Posts: 586
basically bridal showers are just partys, usually all women but sometimes nowadays couples, where everyone has a meal, a few drinks, and opens presents. its kind of bizarre but tradition in the states. does she have a wedding list? i would ask her mother and if you are want you could club together and get her a place setting of her china or something- that is very popular for showers. also something sweet and sentimental would be nice- like maybe a nice recipe that you or your mum makes that you know she would love to have- something irish like brown bread or christmas cake- also a card. im american and all my h2bs family sent over something- it was so amazing! i didn't know and was surprised by them at the shower. i got lovely recipes- but the most beautiful thing was the card from my mil welcoming me into the family. its really the thought that counts. xx thumper