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scorpiogirl Posts: 42
I am looking for a headpiece similar to one I saw in a shop, except in the wrong colour. They don't know what supplier they got it from! It was made of feathers, shaped into 3 floweres, side by side kind of, with a few swarovski crystals attached. It was very delicate looking and sat perfectly on my head, you could see it from the front and the side ( if you know what I mean!). I plan to wear hair in a high up-do, ( maybe a kind of large bun) and initally wanted this to sit along the side of it. I am not having a veil. I need it in ivory colour. If anyone has anything in mind, or knows where I could get something similar, let me know. All suggestions welcome and appreciated!!!
jumpinjack Posts: 277
Hmm that sounds a bit fancy for the place where I got mine , but since there's no other advice going on yet... I'd check out glitzysecrets.com I've ordered mine from there last week, still waiting but tres excited! Also tried 'purebliss.com' There's also some vendors on here 'celdesign' is one, she makes bespoke headwear, which is more expensive obviously The best of luck
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
THere is a lady in Leighlinbridge called Faith Amond that makes a hats & headpieces to match outfits. She is fantastic & very reasonable. PM me for a number if you are interested
CelD Posts: 699
Hi there, I would suggest that you have a chat with Caroline from Kingston Design. She maybe able to help you as some of her designs incorporate feathers. I am afraid that I can not help you as I do not have enough experience working with feathers. My designs are more veils, beads and crystals hair accessories and the odd feather here and there. Hope this helps Celine :wv
Laila1 Posts: 640
type in headpiece on this website into Search, and see what comes up...one girl is selling a lovely headpiece from edel tuites in the buy and sell section, its really pretty!
babs28 Posts: 5
Hi Scorpio Girl, I looked everywhere for a nice headpiece. I wanted one that was quite vintagey looking. I eventually found a company called Flo & Percy, based in the UK (www.floandpercy.com). They do a gorgeous selection of headwear including vintage pieces and vintage inspired. I think they supply to some bridal shops here but I just ordered online and I wasn't disappointed at all! :) Good luck!
ilovebiccies Posts: 110
hi scorpio.... try tahnee morgan designs...not exactly sure of her web address but google that and you will find it.....amazing stuff