Hi girls, i'm buying a luna mix, should have it next week, and i'm going for the vintage rose hood. However, Mamas and Papas are discontinuing the luna and the matching liner and head hugger are out of stock everywhere and they won't have any more. Don't suppose anyone has these that they don't use/need anymore that they'd be willing to sell? Will post in Buy and Sell too but thought i'd try here 1st. (My 1st post on M&K!) This is the pic from the M&P website. If anyone could help i'd be so grateful! Thanks! [img:2qjuzy9i]http://mamasandpapas.scene7.com/is/image/mamasandpapas/ProductImageTemplate?$mainImg=is%7Bmamasandpapas%2F206326401%3Fscl%3D1%7D&$bottomLeft=is%7Bmamasandpapas%2F%3Fscl%3D1%7D&$bottomRight=is%7Bmamasandpapas%2F%3Fscl%3D1%7D&$topLeft=is%7Bmamasandpapas%2F%3Fscl%3D1%7D&$topRight=is%7Bmamasandpapas%2F%3Fscl%3D1%7D&$large_img$[/img:2qjuzy9i]