Wanted - Songlist for residents bar

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tippgirl10 Posts: 84
Hi girls, I am getting married in two weeks, I am looking for a copy of the songbook that another wolly shared again a few months ago! I pm'd the wolly but she prob isn't on any more. If anyone got a copy from her originally, please can u pm me and I will send u my email address, thanks a mill:)
JazzyBride Posts: 262
I'd love it too actually if its going around. I was planning on putting one together myself - but if someone wants to share, that would be great. :)
missussunshine Posts: 513
I think I have it girls if ye want to PM me yer e-mails I'll send it on....
summer 12 Posts: 389
just pmd you too would love a copy!!!thanks a mill
Cupcakes12 Posts: 193
[quote="sunshine79":2quoruch]I think I have it girls if ye want to PM me yer e-mails I'll send it on....[/quote:2quoruch] i just PM'd you if you dont mind sending it to me also thanks a mill O-O
dublinredhead Posts: 917
If ye didn't get it pm me - I have the email from the girl here on the laptop. HTH
Lab Lover Posts: 44
I've PM'd you dublinredhead!
missussunshine Posts: 513
Thats sent ladies :)
culchie Posts: 4
Hi girls, Is there any chance i could get that songlist for the residents bar. Would really appreciate it!!! Thanks again
Culchiequeen Posts: 49
me too, please!! thanks