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WinterWonderland Posts: 1242
Ladies have this on P&B buy & sell but thought there might be more traffic here. Just wondering if anyone has one they have used/didn't use/ finished with etc? Now that I know I can't have the epidural the tens was recommened by my midwife, I know you can rent them too but not too keen on that idea. Instead of buying a new one that I'll use the once just wondering if anyone has one here they're looking to get rid of?? Thanks :thnk
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
hey girl, you can have a loan of mine when im finished with it if thats any good to ya?
WinterWonderland Posts: 1242
Ah thanks Mrs G you're a complete star but you'll have enough to be doing in the next few days (fingers crossed!) than having to post stuff. But really applicate how good you are offering :thnk :thnk :thnk :thnk Should really just get my lazy ass out of the house & go into town & buy one - its not for how expensive they are to be fair.