waring about hibernian hotel mallow

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princess! Posts: 348
hi girls just thought if any of you are planning on having your wedding in the hibernian hotel mallow co cork you should know what type of hotel they are running........ i was in there this morning with my 4month old daughter and i was told i had to leave the hotel as babies and buggies were not allowed only in by the reception desk and that if we wanted to have lunch we would have to eat it sitting on the seat in the reception just inside the door with no tables!!!!!!! :eek :eek :eek in these times i cant believe a hotel of all places would refuse business from families.
mandibee Posts: 305
Thats absolutely Shockin!!!! :ooh
decbride2010 Posts: 84
Thats terrible :eek :eek they should be welcoming you into there hotel :wv
Leftbank Posts: 2395
OMG thats crazy this day and age in fairness. Lets see how far they continue trading with that kind of treatment. Hope ye got sorted somewhere even better tho to eat.
princess! Posts: 348
i know i was so shocked when it happened my husband is after emailing newspapers and radio stations about the situation i really think service like this should be named and shamed.
makeupaddict Posts: 592
That sounds extremely odd. Why did you not ask to speak to a manager. I cant believe thats their policy. No buggies or babies?