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montagne Posts: 1849
There are some real freaks with nothing at all to do with their time. Some cow is on realweddings.com posing as me, taking the p*ss out of me. Hope it feels good. Thanks to Milis for letting me know.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Sorry I'm a bit lost! I cant see anything on that link - am I meant to click into something? Its not realweddings website either, could someone not just have the same user name as you?
not too girly Posts: 400
Montagne, that is a bit freaky alright... I don't know many of your posts but I'm sure whatever you have said in the past doesn't warrent this... doesn't matter what anyone says, however bad, it doesn't warrent this. Did you ever find out who was calling you? I know you mightn't like to hear this but maybe you should just stop posting and get admin to take you down from the site (and the other one)? Hope you're ok... don't let it detract from your wedding preparations... :xox
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Me thinks this could be the same person as "THE" topic you posted few weeks ago...
montagne Posts: 1849
Obviously not dcee. I guess whoever called me created that profile to take the p*ss out of me. Imagine, someone that horrible is actually out there!
Helenl123 Posts: 1457
that is just too weird, i'd be deleting my handle and changing onto a new one and not mentioning anything personal on the site if i were you. There are some strange people out there.
PixieMom Posts: 838
What sort of a weirdo is this person??? I just don't get people sometimes! Chin up pet, don't let it get to you!
aston Posts: 4100
Did you contact Admin about it Montagne? Would they be able to help at all?
Miss Muffet Posts: 612
[quote="designerwine":240ughpp]Me thinks this could be the same person as "THE" topic you posted few weeks ago...[/quote:240ughpp] Totally agree. Something like this isn't just a coincidence. What sort of psycho is on this site with nothing else to do with her life than stalk Montagne and carry out some sort of vendetta against her. Whoever you are - [i:240ughpp]grow up & get a f**king life!!!! [/i:240ughpp]
blissful2b Posts: 1555
eh i must be missing something?? thats not the real weddings site??? i'm sure more than one person in the world has a user name of montagne???