Was everyone as excited as you thought they'd be?

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lush11 Posts: 2877
Im just wondering when you started telling people you were pregnant was everyone as excited as you thought they'd be. Even though I am thrilled im really not sure its its actually sunk in then again i think im used to it and maybe i should be more excited. When i told my mother she wasn't exactly jumping for joy even though i knew she was happy. My best friend was happy but again not jumping for joy and a collegue was just 'oh really, congrats'. Maybe i just thought people who be thrilled including myself. Strange how you imagine the moment but its totally different.
Asscher Posts: 732
Some were some weren't. I know where you are coming from though. It is an awful anti climax when you don't get the reaction you expect. Especially when you have been very excited for these people in the past. I think part of the reason with myself might be that I am married over a year so people were expecting it really.
lush11 Posts: 2877
I am married since early sept and i suppose i had been saying i was gonna get cracking on it straight away so, ya know what, your prob right.
marles Posts: 1397
My Dad was so so excited,My Mum on the other was a bit off,now I have since been told she's very excited.She has issues with her age and siad to me "I'm not going to be called Granny",to which I replied "I'll be damned if your not called Granny".My brother and his Girlfriend were delighted and she is so excited talks to me lots about it. I think my Mum was a little surprised and is as I said anxious of her age she is 61 but doesn't seem a day over 50! I started to tell my friends and they are so delighted. As mentioned above it's long road and we should be less concerned about how other people react and more interested in yourself and your OH.
goinloco Posts: 774
everyone was happy, but nobody was surprised :o0
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
If you think they weren't excited this time around wait until the second one comes along! First time most people were very excited - mum, aunt, friends- but I think that was because most of them thought we weren't going to have any kids and I didn't tell them we were TTC (I was 39 at the time). Second time it was all a lot more low key. Even my mum wasn't that excited (though i think she was disappointed as it is due when she is likely to be away on a holiday for 3 weeks) she did remember to give me a hug the next day though. My aunt and one of my friends was very excited second time around but most people were - oh congratulations!. I just think some people are into babies, some aren't.
hartley Posts: 826
I suppose I have the view that its your news so you and DH should be excited not really other peopleā€¦.. If you know what I mean. You didn't get pg for them you did it for youself so it shouldn't worry you if they are excited or not. I am 14 weeks pg with no 2 and we haven't old anyone and hope to keep it that way for another while. I love the excitement of the 2 of us knowing and having a secret. I hate when it gets out and everyone has a opinon. Some friends and parents don't know how to react. I have a very very good friend but she is single and she never asks after my lo when we chat and I am dreading telling her I am pg. I suppose some people due to their own reasons can't get excited for you so I suppose I have learned to just get excited for ourselves.
Daff Posts: 11644
Everyone was pretty excited when I announced DD - but that was probably infectious cause I was so excited. My Dad started crying :lvs I had a mc last month and only had told Dad. I was dreading telling him cause didn't think he'd be too happy having them close together and our financial situation but he was over the moon again. He was so upset when I lost the baby, was in tears :o( Haven't told anyone this time - just some booby mummy friends who are all happy for me.
Babyboomerang Posts: 543
[quote="goinloco":3ulkgr7s]everyone was happy, but nobody was surprised :o0[/quote:3ulkgr7s] I haven't told anyone yet, but I am totally expecting this reaction :o0 I know my parents will be delighted and in fact I'm going to be telling them tomorrow. But lately I've been having little concerns about telling some of my friends. I am the 4th of my friends to get married in the last 2 years but the 1st to be pregnant (that I know of). I'm half afraid that some of them are having difficulties or they'll think I'm skipping the queue (I know that's probably a bit extreme). Of all my friends though, I think they would all agree that I'd be in the biggest hurry to get preggers. I've always been a bit baby crazy and neither of us wanted to wait, so they're probably all expecting it :o0
naughty nuptials Posts: 517
To add a different perspective to the discussion - we were trying for 4 years to get pg, and went through a lot to get here. Much as I tried to be happy for my friends, it was always a bit of a stab in the heart when they announced their pregnancies. I know that sounds a bit mean, but I had my last miscarriage the same day a good friend gave birth to her LO, and I just found it impossible to do anything other than send her a quick congratulatory email. That said, now we are finally pg :o)ll and have just started telling people, I am also surprised how uninterested people are. But I think that's just because I want to talk about it ALL THE TIME, so I suppose I have to get used to the fact that people might have other things they want to talk about other than the contents of my womb :o0 NN xxx