Was it a miscarriage?

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Anon533 Posts: 2
I'm going anon for this post, and I hope it's not too descriptive! Basically a few days ago I started having cramps a few days before my period was due. I passed some blood, but also something else. I investigated and it looked like a small membranous sac covered in blood. I was on the pill at the time (although I wouldn't be the most reliable in taking it) and I hadn't had a period the month before as I ran my pill packs together as I was on holiday. When I look back, I had felt unwell and quite nauseous, but I get that sometimes anyway so I don't know the significance. I'm wondering if any of you have every had a similar experience, was it an early miscarriage?
Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
I don't know. But previously when on the pill I got clotted lumps or bits instead, or with, my normal period. I would have considered that 'normal' for me. Running two packs together could also distort what's normal for you. But basically I don't know and there's really no way of knowing
browz Posts: 256
Hi there I would say 'possibly', but I dont think there is anything you can do to know for sure, as you hadnt done a pregnancy test. perhaps if u did a test now and see what comes up, as hormones can remain elevated after misscarriage. I have had mc's at 5wks and 8wks and both times would have seen sac like u described. hope u are feeling ok.
Luka Posts: 1904
If you do a HPT it may still be positive as it takes HCG a while to drop after a miscarriage. It might be worth doing one, I'm sure your GP would note it in your file for future reference if you did get a faint positive.
AngelMick Posts: 52
TMI, TMI, Something similar happened to me last cycle. Unusually I was using sanitary towels instead of tampons so I noticed a small ball (bit like frog-spawn in appearance, sorry for description) less than 1cm. Now, I was doing first response tests before AF arrived and they were all negative. Plus, when I researched into what size a fertilized egg would be at that stage (4-5 weeks) it would have been barely visible (so what I noticed was too big). In my case, I believe it was not a miscarriage. Your circumstances are slightly different so I could not really say - but I thought I'd share my story.
Anon533 Posts: 2
Thanks for your responses, sorry that some of you have had similar experiences. I think it would have been around 7-8 weeks so that would be similar to yours browz. I really have never seen anything like it, I found it quite shocking. I just realised it's a week on so too late for UPT I'd imagine. I was so busy during the time that it happened I just tried to put it to the back of my mind. I felt unwell the following few days though, also very down and emotionally labile. To be honest I'm glad I didn't know I was even pregnant (presuming it was a mc), I would have been shocked, but so upset if I subsequently miscarried. Better this way I suppose if it was going to happen anyway..
Munchk Posts: 95
If I'm honest to me it doesn't sound like a miscarriage. I know when I used to run two pill packs together my cycle would go a bit funny the following month. Also I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks last year and I was in bed for a couple of days the cramps were so bad and I passed loads of huge blood clots (sorry tmi) and then a couple of days later I passed a lump of tissue (looked like a piece of meat) Sorry for the horrible details! But might help x
Dr of love Posts: 425
I would very much doubt it was a miscarriage too. And definitely when you run packs together, you get strange periods after. Its also likely (but not for sure) you would have had some other symptoms like extreme tiredness, nausea, disrupted sleep etc. by 7-8 weeks. By that stage I was feeling so weird and extremely different, it would have been impossible to ignore...but other people dont get such hard core reactions to hormones I know. I would not be adding this to your personal medical history, it more unlikely than likely and will just cause confusion and drama later when you will never know for sure.