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bellababy Posts: 72
I went to the toilet this morning and when I wiped I had a teeny tiny bit of pink mucas. I rang the hospital and the midwife told me it was probabally a show and that the baby would usually come 7-10 days after that. It's my 2nd baby and didn't have a show on my 1st baby. Just wondering was it a show I haven't had anything else since. I'm 37 + 1 at the moment. I'm don't want to get my self all excited that baby is coming in next 10 days then go over and baby not be born for another 30 days, it's a big difference!!! Thanks in advance I'm totally hyper today about it!!
merrymumof3 Posts: 562
Hi Bellababy, It sounds like a show alright, i had that with my DD but i was overdue by a few days and i had her the next night. Where you early on your 1st baby? Are you having any pains, twinges etc? As the midwife said you might not go for 7-10 days yet, but no harm in being prepared if it does happen sooner. Its very exciting when you get a sign something is happening, all the best :wv
bellababy Posts: 72
Thanks for that nearlymum of 3. I was induced the last time. I don't think I'll tell my DH as don't want to cause a stir. Could it really be a show when it was so so tiny?? I was told it was going to be a big baby do they tend to come earlier?? I can't think of anything else, I'm totally useless at work now!!
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Sounds like a show alright i got one my with DS on a Fri morning and he was born the following Tues afternoon.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
My show was more a long green thing and I had about 3 in the one day, DS was born the next day :wv
Penelopepitstop Posts: 66
Sounds like a show alright. I got it on my due date last time and the next day I got a lot more and went into labour naturally that night. Keep an eye on it and see if there's more tomorrow. No twinges or anything that's like braxton hicks yet?
spritzer Posts: 625
Same happened me too, i got checked out in the hosp and nothing was happening but went into labor 5 days later. Best of luck :wv