Was ur sex wrong when u gave birth

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bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
hi there we got told the sex of our baby today but she said well im not 100% as the scan was not very clear i thought i would be desperate to get out and buy buy buy but i still feel like i dont know Seriously has anyone had an experience where they were told one sex and gave birth to another, does it really happen?
Blackbird Posts: 5135
Yes it does happen but I'm sure it doesn't happen very often. It's more common if you're told it's a girl apparently. I only know of two people who this happened to and in both cases they were told it was a girl and had a boy. We got photos of a newborn boy in a pink babygro because that's all they had! However two friends were told they were having girls and they had girls so I imagine they are more right than wrong but the wrong ones get attention and you remember them!
Daff Posts: 11644
We were told girl on both and they were! But even still I felt really reluctant to buy - esecially with DD2 even though the sonographer told us if she was wrong she'd quit her job! We also got photo's of that area as proof (private scan) and still I was uneasy about it!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Definitely easier to make a mistake if it they say girl as the boy bits can be hiding!! I know of a friend who was told she was having a girl and family had started buying a few pink gifts......... next scan they had to come back redfaced and tell everyone it was actually going to be a boy. We've been told we are having a little boy but the sonographer said that she was 99.99% sure. But they have to tell you there is always a chance of being wrong to cover themselves. We saw for ourselves plain as day on screen. Even at that I've been careful enough about buying too much and I am buying a good few neutrals anyway. I figure I can reuse them if I have a girl next time all going well.
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
It happened to my cousin, she had the room all blue and blue clothes and Baby Girl arrived :eek
queenmama Posts: 418
I was told by a sonographer that they are more likely to mistake a girl for a boy and tell the mother they are having a son! It's to do with the cord getting in a position that it can be mistaken for a manhood!
Moodles Posts: 547
I met a women at a friends hen who had 3 boys and was told she was having a girl. Had everything pink as she really wanteda girl. Anyway she had a boy. He was only a few months old and hse was already talking about going again to try for a girl.
pag Posts: 633
I was told we were having baby boy. Sonographer said she was almost 100% certain. Little girl was born. We were shocked but luckily hadn't bought anything gender specific at all.
i want one Posts: 2893
we were told we were having a girl but i did not believe it. so bought mostly neutral stuff and a few pink things. it was a girl anyway thank god :o)ll
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Found out on dd on big scan and 3d scan - and they were right. This time its a boy. First thing that came up on screen were his bits :o0 Will be getting a 3d scan done aswell next month just to make sure! Hope your scan went well. Did they change your dates in the end?