Was your labour easier 2nd time round??

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brightlight Posts: 394
Hi girls DS1 will be 14 months old when next baby arrives end of November. I had a really tough labour and delivery with DS1, won't share all the details with you but am hoping next time will be easier. I didn't have epidural last time though so obviously that made it all the more unbearable so at least I know I have that to fall back on this time. But I was wondering what others experience was of labour and delivery on number 2-??Thanks for sharing!
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
My 2nd labour was pretty much like the first but alot quicker and the recovery was quicker also. I didn't have time for an epi on DS and the same thing happend on DD. Both fast labours. But I knew what to expect with my 2nd one so I wasn't freaked out. I knew when I should head to the hosp and when I should panic and therefore when DH should panic also! Seeing as you had no epi on your first, I think you should try it without on your second but then each labour is different also. Hopefully you won't have such a hard time this time. Good luck :wv
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
On DS and DD the lenght of the labour was the same got to hospital on DS and was 1-2 cms which was bout 7pm then got epi bout 10 then at 11pm waters broke pushed for an hour or so also had an episiotomy and DS was born at 12.50am....on DD 9am was 3cms dialated at 12.30 was 3-4cms was put on drip to speed up contractions and waters were also broke got epi at this stage had been using gas and air then at 2.30 i was 8cms 5 mins later i started pushing and she was born at 2.51pm so pushing was def shorter i also didn't need episiotomy and only got 1 stitch also this time around i had to have placenta manually (tmi) removed :ooh
whackywoman Posts: 1496
the labours were completely different in some ways, DD was induced and arrived a week over. I did it with just tens, gas & air but it took me 2 hours to push her out. Had an episiotomy from when i was given the gel to when DD was born was under 12 hours. DS arrived 3 weeks early, woke up one morning to my waters breaking, had a slow enough labour, managed this time to get epidural but I probably should not have as when i kicked in I immediately wanted to start pushing. he was out in 3 pushes which was the part that really worried me. I wanted to get up and walk out of the delivery suite, recovery was great. it took 13 hours in total. I found it easier on DS as I knew my body could do it and had given birth before. Hopefully this time around will not be so bad for you.
brightlight Posts: 394
Thanks ladies, I suppose I was hoping loads of people would reply and say oh yes it was way easier on the 2nd!! Wishful thinking! At least I know I can have the epi and just have to realise every labour is different and hope for the best!! We will know in 5 weeks time!! :wv
mamabelle Posts: 1101
First time was horrendous. Second time was a breeze!
brightlight Posts: 394
[quote="mamabelle":2i4u6h0c]First time was horrendous. Second time was a breeze![/quote:2i4u6h0c] This is what I was wanting to hear- thanks mambelle!!!! :o)ll