Washing Baby grows

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Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
Hi all, I was jut wondering if ye are going to wash the baby grows and clothes ye bought for the hospital.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i did. just put them through a rinse cycle the first time and on the low heat cycle in the dryer.
honey 2 Posts: 244
I wsahed the blankets but didn't wash vests or babygros Not going to do them now at this stage as going in for induction on fraidy morn and could go before that! *)
tras Posts: 1460
Oooh, best of luck honey!!!!
lelle Posts: 172
I have just finished washing all mine, except for 2 blankets that I am afraid to wash in case i ruin them. i had read that it is a good idea to wash them as they have been covered in plastic and chemicals with dye or handled by other people etc but at our AnteNatal class midwife said there was no need to wash things but if it made you feel better go for it!!
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I don't think there is any real need but I voted yes as I did
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
I did a big baby wash one day and i actually enjoyed it :-8 it was so cute to see all the things out on the line. Ive gotten a few more bits and bobs since but didnt wash them, as someone else said its nice to do but prob not necessary.
Always hoping Posts: 784
Hi! I voted yes as I washed all my white vests, baby grows and blankets together. I'm delighted to read that it's okay not to wash them first as I have a few coloured items and I don't want to ruin them before they are even worn! I actually had a bit of a disaster when I washed them. Firstly all the grows and vests had a piece of cardboard inside of them and I thought I removed them all but I didn't!!! One got destroyed, covered in soggy cardboard and it turned yellow. Luckily the rest were okay. However on the labels of all the items was a little circular sticker (can't remember what it said) and I never noticed... they went all gooy and they won't peel off properly now... O:|
AJ07 Posts: 188
I voted no. I have one child already and didn't with him and it didn't do him any harm so I'm not going to with this baby either. I know alot of midwives at anti-natal classes are saying to do so, so I think it's a personal choice.