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Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Thank Lorna, delighted for your dad, men are so good at losing and maintaining weight, 10 years is a great achievement! WM has been the only weight loss program that has worked for me so far in my life and for the longest time also, I will defo think about rejoining once baby is born. Don't know how to explain but I felt a bit trapped in WM felt our Clinic was a bit pushy so might try by self first and see how I get on! Happy Christmas to all!
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
Ah no, I didn't mean you should go back to WM. I meant you'll be well equipped now, after it. I think they give folk a good start, once you've lost the initial weight, to continue healthy eating. It's hard, but it puts you on the right path.
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
No worries, Lorna! I didn't think you were suggesting I go back to WM. When I type its like I am thinking out loud, debating to myself about my future plan. I think what I learned re losing weight is exercise is so important I tried a few things, personal trainer/gym but the best was free walking 2 miles a day while following the diet meant the weight just fell off me over the first twenty weeks. That and watching the cards are the two tricks that I learned and will use when I need to get back into it!
maydream Posts: 81
Hi, I have an introductionary meeting today at 1pm with my local clinic. I got married last year and I have slowly put on almost a stone. I now weigh about 12.5 ish I think. I would love to lose two stone. I really want to get back in control of my diet and have been trying on my own since Christmas with no luck. I just can't focus. I just want to feel better in my own skin again! Anyone out there about to begin the motivation journey??
lunauna Posts: 1
Hi I am three weeks into motivation week 1 - -4 week 2 - 2 week 3 - 2 I am a struggling a little with the carbs and also dinner seem bland.......... I was just wondering did anyone use there fruits for a smoothie in the morning because I don't eat the fruit at all Thanks
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Welcome maydream and lunauna, Very best of luck with your Intro maydream, in 20 weeks if you stick to it you will be loose all you want and more, I lost 3st 10lbs in that time frame but I was way bigger than you. I personally found my weight loss super slow in the first month but once I cut my cards to 1 portion of carbs a day and introduced my 2 mile walk a day the weight feel off, my whole journey is on this thread think I stated in May 2012. I was super focused cause I was trying to conceive and needed to have a few big gynae operations towards the end of 2012. Hi lunauna, sorry I'm not starting as I'm pregnant at the mo but I did WM for a few years till I got pregnant for me I found it great, I was never happier both physically and mentally since I started WM. I defo will go back once I have the baby and have stopped b'feeding, I can't wait to get back into it was such a buzz, especially the first 20 weeks as the weight was falling off. I think you're doing great 8lbs is three weeks, as I said above my whole WM journey is on this thread further back and my first 4/6 weeks were very slow weight loss, I was totally pissed off and told them I've always done way better in weight watchers but I never stuck with WW I'd be great for 6 weeks then old habits crept back in but with WM I just stuck to it religiously but like I said I had great motivation this time. Re struggling with dinner if I were you I would keep it as real to your normal life as possible, eat what you would normally eat just up the protein and cut the carbs. I am apple shaped and have PCOS (Polycystic ovaries) and I know for me once I stay away from carbs the weight falls off me but I wasn't too strict on Proteins and Vegs, I didn't stick to WM exact portion sizes. I was very strict on carbs thou very rarely would have more than 1 protion daily, (ie, 2 McCambridge or 1 brown Pitta or one small potato) RE dinners I had steak a few times a week with cauliflower puree (seemed like mash to me) mushrooms and onions fried with low fat spray and loads of green veg. I'd also have similar dinner using fish as my protein. You can also have omlettes, one egg and egg whites. but I wouldn't be a lover of these so I stayed away really but loved my boiled eggs and salad tea. I thought summer is a great time to start with so many lovely salads to chose from. I didn't stop eating out thou I did cut out all alcohol for the 20 weeks but if I was out I wouldn't have a starter just mains. I did have a few blow outs but they were planned and I would be excellent all week before and after the blow out. Also re not eating your fruit defo try eating them any way you can get them into you, smoothie etc, just make sure you get all the fruit, I think your body absorbs fruit fibers better than just the juice alone. I'd eat every thing you are allowed (I know I sound like a hypocrite re the carbs but physiologically at the time I was really struggling with the slow weight loss in the beginning and defo the secret to my weight loss was the 1 portion of carbs. Hope this helps girls, you'll get loads of info and meal tips if you read back over old posts. I feel so envious can't wait to start back into weight loss, at the mo I am not a good add for WM I am about 14st at the mo again but I have just been diagnosed with gestation diabetes so please God that will curtail my sweet tooth, I totally have been eating what ever I want since I got pregnant that's all stopped now! :o0
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Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
maydream sorry baby brain I see your post is from Feb, hope your weight motivation journey is still going strong! :o)ll
Valentina Fine Diamonds Posts: 24
Wow incredible, so inspiring to hear all these amazing stories! Makes me wanna go and hit the gym now :)
Mary_tor Posts: 5
Hey Girls I'm back to work, all went seemingly perfectly, I did have ''fibrous tissue'' taken from you womb cavity. Dr says all good to go to start trying, I just have to wait for my period to return to normal its 95 days since I last had a period so it should come back soon enough, fingers crossed. Its hard to believe I can ever get pregnant after trying unsuccessfully for three years.