Water Retention

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thismuch Posts: 77
JUst wondering if many people get bloated coming up to or at the time of their period :?: How much weight do you put on :?: How long does it usually take to go down :?: Id say I put on about 2 pounds or maybe even more :o
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
I always put on weight anyway! Well when I used to go to WW and I was serious about it at the time and I might be really good but the weight would stay the same or go up 0.5lb and the leader said was because of my period. Oh great, now that I'm back to WW I've that disappointment to look forward to!!
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
Feckin thing went up twice so editing this one instead!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I think they say you can put on up to 5 pounds of water retention coming up to your period.Also reduce salt intake
Guest400 Posts: 344
There's a natural remedy you can buy in the chemists that helps counteract water retention. I think it's called Waterfall (!) or something similar.
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
5 pounds!!! That is a lot isn't it. I thought it was a pound or two.