Water soluble confetti

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BrideyBride Posts: 8
Hi All! I was wondering if anyone could recommend a brand of confetti that is water soluble? I’m pretty sure this exists but can’t find a supplier online. My venue isn’t keen on any confetti – even one that will biodegrade after a couple of days. I’m hoping if I can track down one which can be cleaned just by pouring some water over it I’ll get their approval. Any help appreciated. Thanks a million!
ki83 Posts: 27
Sorry post submitted twice
ki83 Posts: 27
be careful if its raining. Heard it can turn a white dress multicoloured quite quickly ;) try eBay x
BrideyBride Posts: 8
Good point - dry weather only then! :) I tried eBay and Amazon but I can't find one with a description that it will disappear with water...they all seem to just biodegrate after a few days (too long for my venue!)
LittleLily Posts: 3682
What about bubbles instead? [img:31eja7by]http://bridezillatendencies.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/ubc-boathouse-wedding-17-bubbles.jpg[/img:31eja7by] [img:31eja7by]http://www.destinationweddingfavors.com/images/P/heart-wedding-bubbles.jpg[/img:31eja7by]
BrideyBride Posts: 8
Thanks so much for posting the lovely pics - I am keen to try and get confetti though, I think the colours would make for a lovely photo :)